20 yrs of content services

  • End-to-end digital content and learning services delivery
  • Editorial development to digital products
  • Long-standing relationships with many customers
  • Expected to handle over 0.5 million Journal pages in 2016-17
  • Expected to handle over over 5000 books in 2016-17

In depth understanding of digital poweress

  • 2.7 million pages of content transformation delivered in 2016-17
  • 3,500+ learning objects developed using HTML5
  • 2000+ LOs converted from Flash to HTML5 / Video
  • 700+ hrs of seat time eLearning content delivered

many global top 50 clientele

1100 strong highly skilled workforce

  • Hybrid services delivery model
  • Multi-lingual capability across European and Asian languages
  • Over 50% of our employees are women
  • Socially responsible organization
  • FMEA, First Time Right & Quality Circles for achieving best in class quality


iCorrectProof – Online Author Proofing System




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