Why Publishers Need to Move to Cloud ASAP?

Cloud computing had widespread adoption in the late 2011. Cloud storage applications, cloud-infrastructure, mobile apps, and other services flourished in a short period of time. It’s 2016, and cloud computing is yet to become as mainstream as anticipated. Non-IT industries such as media and publishing companies are still wary of cloud technology. Each company has its own list of contracts, data and requirements to keep up with the market. Data and variables increase in parallel with the increasing consumer reach for each print. Conventional system has become detrimental; thus publishers must move to cloud for efficiency. Some of the big names [...]

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From DTP to Digital Content Solutions

Read the success story of Anu Sriram, Co-founder & Joint Managing Director, Integra The desktop publishing company, which she started with her husband more than 20 years ago, is now a leading end-to-end content solutions provider from India, with global delivery centres in Japan and USA. Download

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