At Integra, our editors are sticklers to the “five Cs” of perfect copy –that it be Clear, Correct, Concise, Comprehensible and Consistent.

Technical Editing

In this stage, the content is scrutinized for

  • Improving the layout consistency
  • Correctness and completeness
  • Ensuring sanctity of author’s tone
  • Adherence to publisher’s house style

Language Editing

In this stage, the content is scrutinized for

  • Grammar
  • Style
  • Sense
  • Syntax

Today, Integra goes beyond the simple, moderate and complex levels of copyediting and delivers far superior value to its customers irrespective of the subject area such as Humanities, Social Sciences, STM, and Management/Marketing.



Our experts intellectually analyze content and create style sheets, electronic metadata that will attribute keyword, author, and subject indexing with consistency, accuracy, and precision. This ensures that your content is organic search ready. Our team of indexers constitutes of members certified by the “Society of Freelance Indexers” (SFI) and the “American Society of Indexers”(ASI).

Service Offerings

  • Keyword indexing
  • Author and name indexing
  • Product indexing
  • Subject/ analytical indexing
  • Bibliographic indexing

Editorial Proofreading

Our professionals take your copy edited content through rigorous quality control steps -to ensure that all grammatical errors, spelling errors and construct mismatches are rectified. They also add value to your content by enhancing the vocabulary, content structure, style, layout and pagination standards.

Language Polishing

Our Language Polishing service -catering especially to STM authors who are non-native speakers of English -will ensure that language inconsistencies are eliminated at an early stage. Before your manuscript is sent out to publishers, Integra can reduce your chances of being rejected at the peer-review stage and dramatically improve your chances of getting published. This service is available for manuscripts in all scientific fields, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Life Sciences, Medicine, and Technology.

  • Fixing grammatical errors
  • Meeting accepted standards of scientific English
  • Improving sentence clarity and the flow of ideas
  • Resolving ambiguities caused by either syntactic or semantic factors
  • Removing redundancies

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