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Uniquely positioned to offer full service project management tailored to successfully handle projects right from content acquisition to final product delivery. Combines the best of onshore capabilities with offshore advantages across editorial to digital project management.

From Concept to Product

Transforming a raw manuscript to a concrete product involves strategic scheduling, task assigning, resource allocation, managing budgets and much more. To meet this objective, we have a team of experienced subject matter experts, creative designers and production specialists working in unison with skilled project managers with excellent organization and communication skills thus ensuring customer delight on every project delivery.

Managing Meticulously

Our service portfolio is designed to efficiently manage complex and multifaceted projects, by providing end-to-end, editorial, digital, and full service project management services. We comprehensively understand the customer needs and lay out an integral plan to address every need of the customer and drastically cut down the cost and time to market.

Our project managers act as the single point of contact between external and internal stake holders and work in customer time zones to ensure prompt responses and less turnaround time of projects. The project managers strategically plan the project execution and implement it by efficiently coordinating between the author, publisher, freelancers, and in-house team members. They foresee challenges, take proactive steps to mitigate risks, ascertain flawless project execution and ensure customer delight on every project delivery.

Service Offerings

  • Planning, budgeting, and scheduling
  • Author management
  • Editorial development
  • Research and permissions for text and images
  • Editorial services
  • Composition
  • Managing print/digital deliverables, supplements, and reprints

Integra offers project management services from India, the US, the UK and Japan.
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