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Employ your resources profitably. Leave the complexities of identifying copyright-protected material and alleviating copyright liabilities to us

Managing Assets with Ease

With the experience of working with leading global publishers, Integra helps you to identify permissions problems and optimize rights, within limited budgets and tight deadlines. Our Rights and Permission team is a unique combination of intellectual property rights expertise and years of immersive industry experience. They have deep knowledge of various image sources, stock agencies, royalty free asset sources, and clearance procedures. Furthermore, their expertise is supported ably by our proprietary tools -iAM and iRights -that helps track and manage photo research and permission activities cost-effectively.

Our Rights and Permission talent pool has:

  • Expertise to assess products and provide suggestions based on copyright laws
  • Expertise to handle not only print but also supplements (study guide, instructors manual, answer key), derivatives (abridged version, custom version, volume splits), and components (eBook, website, CD-ROM, apps) inclusive of translation rights
  • Expertise to source and handle rights management for Rich Media
  • Excellent negotiation skills with copyright holders for maximum cost benefits
  • Dual shore delivery capability for optimized cost

Service Offerings

  • Manuscript permission assessment
  • Text and photo manuscript scrubs
  • License evaluation and re-licensing of previous editions.
  • Research for creative, royalty-free, and cost-effective images
  • Acquisition and management of rights for texts and other assets (print, digital, International, etc.)

Technology Solutions

  • iAM – for Photo Research
  • FMS –for Freelance Resource Management
  • iRights for Text Permissions and Management

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