Text and imagery, perfectly laid out, make all the difference to the appearance and readability of content.

From Chaos to Perfection

Our team of experts looks into every aspect of composition to ensure that the output meets specific quality requirements, including consistency of style. They understand the importance of Content Layout Structuring and are adept at creating engaging layout designs that enhance content appeal.

Integra has processed more than 1.4 million pages in 2013-14 across English and many European languages. Our large pool of experienced and skilled compositors employs the latest versions of pagination software (with or without XML) like, InDesign, 3B2, LaTeX and QuarkXpress, handling both digital composition and composition of books and journals.

Our Salient Features

  • Automated pagination using batch pagination process
  • XML-First workflow, enables integrating multiple deliveries from a single source
  • Bespoke workflows meet Online Early / Publish Ahead of Print requirements
  • Multilingual capability -Italian, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Japanese
  • Proprietary plug-in to handle 1, 2, and 4-color complex layouts with ease
  • Composition of highly design oriented titles –Medical, Education, Cookery, Travel etc.

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