Leveraging Technology for Product and Process Solutions

Integra Leverages on technology for innnovation, automation and improvements in productivity and quality.

Fact Sheet

  • 100+ member team
  • 4% of annual revenues spent to drive technology developments across the company
  • Strong technology platforms in place
  • Focus on process improvements for cost reduction
  • Commitment to Innovation -“Super Sindhanai” – Integra’s Innovation Portal


iPubSuite – Single Source Publishing Platform

iPubSuite is a software platform for “Single Source Publishing” that generates multiple deliverables from single input.It has XML-First Workflow as it’s core.

Key benefits

  • Publishing documents rapidly and effectively
  • Re-using and updating content as often as needed
  • Maintaining data integrity across MS and all other output formats
  • Enabling Integration with any typesetting software (LaTeX, 3B2, InDesign)

iRights – Rights and Permissions Management Platform

Integra’s proprietary web-based platform for handling Photo Research and Permissions Management optimizes photo research and rights acquisition within budgets and tight deadlines.

Key features

  • Ability to capture every aspect of permissions workflow – manuscript assessment, determining fair use and public domain to clearing, re-clearing, expanding rights for languages, print runs, medium, formats, versions, editions, apps and much more.
  • Tracks photo demographic information
  • Provides information on budget, credit and status in real time
  • Generate customized reports in line with customer expectations
  • Mitigate legal risks


IPub Magic – EPUB Conversion Tool

IPubMagic is an integrated framework which provides seamless conversion of content from PDF to EPUB.

Key features

  • Highly automated direct PDF to EPUB conversion framework for text, image and table extraction to EPUB package creation and validation
  • Built-in link manager that ensures accurate links for footnotes, endnotes, hyperlinks, indexes and TOCs

iCorrectProof – Online Author Proofing System

iCorrectProof is an intuitive online proofing solution that aids in real-time online content corrections, using a simple and handy interface. It supports diverse handheld devices and Internet browsers.

Key benefits

  • Modifies text or table content and post comments on images and equations
  • Reduces multiple proofing iterations
  • Avoids tedious PDF annotation
  • Effecting corrections to permissible metadata
  • Takes back up of all work automatically
  • Works seamlessly with desktops, tablets or handheld devices and popular web browsers

“iCorrectProof – Online Author Proofing System”

iWMS – Workflow Management Software

iWMS is a customizable, database-driven, Windows-based multi-user client server application, specially designed to ensure workflow adherence without any hitches till product delivery. It integrates all production tools for processing files according to any specified workflow.

Key benefits

  • Automatic file management
  • Process adherence
  • Tools integration and management
  • Integration with production tracking and content management system
  • Report tracking

iTracks – Production Tracking System

iTracks is Integra’s proprietary production tracking system. It is a complete project management tool that enables the end-to-end tracking of project status. Designed to minimize administrative tasks the tracking system provides management teams with the information and visibility required to optimize processes and resources.

Key benefits

  • Advanced project planning and project management
  • Process and stage-wise live jobs status and job allocation
  • Production planning
  • Productivity detailing (Individual and delivery unit)
  • Manpower utilization reporting
  • Delivery trend and dispatch report

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