THE CHALLENGE (We Would Love To Face)

Creating an engaging and challenging gamified courseware for export process

This client is a leading multi-business enterprise based in India with diversified business domains including Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Hotels, Paperboards & Specialty Papers, Packaging, Agri-Business and Information Technology.

The requirement came from ITC – Export Process who needed Integra to develop e-Learning courses for imparting training on their export process for their internal employees and vendors.

They wanted Integra to make the courseware engaging and challenging for the learners by introducing a gamified approach.

Our Strategy (Sure Shot, Never Miss)

A maze-based gamified courseware

Integra designed the e-Learning courseware by first analysing the content provided in the form of Word documents, PDFs and videos.

Once the analysis was completed, our Instructional Designers came up with storyboards for the for the courses with a maze-based gamified approach and our Graphic Designers authored the courses based on the storyboards.

Finally, our Quality-Assurance Team mapped the guidelines and standards to ensure that the course is error-free.

Key Results (Beyond Your Expectations)

Gamified learning for an engaging and retentive experience

Integra designed the e-Learning course by considering all the requirements of our client and delivering the material on schedule.

This course has helped this clients help – Export Process employees and vendors to perform their duties efficiently.

Employing a gamified approach in the training course helped keep the learners engaged and motivated, thus allowing better understanding of the material.