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Next generation digital content development services for Publishing, eLearning, Education, and Corporates

The ubiquity of hand-held devices and widespread access to computing devices have made digital learning one of the most popular methods to extend personalized learning and has become an alternative to traditional classroom training. These impact the diverse learning needs of all age groups in their learning context – School, Higher-Ed, and Corporate or Organizational L&D programs. Well-developed digital content is known to impart quality learning, enhanced learner engagement, improved learning efficacy with lower training costs for all the stakeholders involved. This creates a massive need for engaging and immersive digital content development.

Some of the recent trends we have seen in digital learning like Mobile and Micro Learning, AR/VR, use of Gamification (Game-based learning), Video-based learning and social learning, further takes the effectiveness of this mode of learning a notch higher. The advancement in these digital content technologies will only mature through the years taking learning to the next level.


Every organization, educational institution, and publisher needs to stay ahead of the game in today’s world and that’s where Integra steps in. We offer top-notch digital content development services that are tailor-made and designed to support end-to-end requirements of digital learning content.

Our expert team of instructional designers along with our technology specialists, work with you on envisioning the best strategy in developing and delivering high-impact digital content for the specific target audience. Our capabilities extend across various learning domains and delivery channels:

Learning domains                             Delivery capabilities
  • Education
    • School
    • ELT
    • Higher Education
  • Corporate eLearning
    Publish content for digital platforms in:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004
  • AICC
  • Tin Can

Integra offers the following specialized digital content development services:


Develop instructional design strategy and create the storyboard with appropriate levels of interactivity, keeping the end users’ learning outcomes in mind

Reality Technologies

Specialized Education/eLearning and Product Demo apps using Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and 360-degree video apps

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Accessibility Services

Accessible content customized for websites, applications, and documents to reach wider audiences providing good user experience and meeting legal obligations

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Audio/Video Service

eLearning, Corporate, Training/Instructional, and Infographic videos, with audio

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HTML5 Development

Custom development and Flash to HTML5 migration – Device agnostic, rich, and interactive learning content for mobile devices

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Graphic Design & Animations Services

Enriching illustrations, graphics, and animations for Education/eLearning and Publishing

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The Integra Advantage

Impactful Instructional Design

Specialized instructional design and development solutions for learning and training across all sectors

Impactful Interactive Leanring Content

Interactive digital course development that are engaging and increase knowledge retention

Learning Objects using HTML5

3,500+ learning objects developed using HTML5 over the past two years.

Learning Objects converted to HTML5/Video

2,000+ learning objects converted from Flash to HTML5/Video for multi-device access


FMEA, First Time Right & Quality Circles for achieving best in class quality.

Instructional Design

Specialized instructional design and development solutions for learning and training across all sectors.


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Translation & Localization

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