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Innovations in telecommunications, multi-fold increase in computing power, and access to an ever-expanding digital universe have created a consumer-driven demand for digital experiences across various fields. Technology has transformed many industries and has influenced every aspect of how the world interacts.

Educational publishing segment is no stranger to the positive transformation that advancement in technology has brought about. The digital landscape has opened a plethora of opportunities and possibilities in how learning happens and affects all the stakeholders in the process. The industry is transforming itself from a book-based product model to a services-based business model.

With more than a decade’s experience in helping the publishers in the ELT, Higher-Ed, and PreK-12 segments to transform book-based content to digital learning objects, Integra today is probably one of the few end-to-end solutions providers with strong content solutions capabilities and a differentiated digital solutions portfolio for publishers.

Publishers benefit from Integra’s digital solutions capabilities in:

  • Digital content development
  • HTML5  development and conversion
  • Accessibility
  • AR / VR / MR development
  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • Animations
  • Audio and video production and post-production
  • Digital QA
  • Platform services


iPMP is Integra’s comprehensive project management platform for publishers to have control and visibility of the production processes – from editorial to final file submission to online channels or printers
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iProof is Integra’s NLP-powered on-the-cloud proofing and author correction system. With XML at the back-end and supporting user-friendly editing functions and real-time status updating
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Comprehensive project management platform for publishers to have control and visibility of the production

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