Integra is a specialized provider of eLearning design and development solutions for learning and training needs in the corporate segment. We deliver innovative solutions that are aimed at increasing employee productivity and performance.

Employee capabilities is the key

Organizations today suffer from skills shortage and many organizations cite capability gaps as the other major challenge that hampers their growth plans. Today, many of the industries have train retrain and jointly educate for sustaining growth. They are forced to provide an environment of innovation as a culture. Their employees must not only be technically capable but also be allowed to learn and share in an open environment.

Employee capabilities is the key
Providing the competitive advantage

Providing the competitive advantage

Integra is a specialized provider of eLearning design and development solutions provider for corporate learning and training needs. We have experience in delivering custom content through effective instructional strategies. Our custom eLearning program is redefining the way learning and training is delivered though training is still focused on improving workforce performance through continuous capability development in order to increase sales, improve efficiency and achieve business goals.

With BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Devices) making significant in-roads in the business world, organizations are challenged to rethink their eLearning design approach to deliver a single version of content that works across all devices. In the current challenging economic situation corporate and training companies are coming up with creative methods of increasing learning effectiveness while still having a greater control over cost.

Service Offerings

Our services include

  • Custom eLearning content design and development
  • Responsive design to deliver device agnostic solutions
  • Conversion of legacy content to eLearning
  • Design and develop HTML5 content
    • Migration of Flash to HTML5 content
  • Building cross platform mobile learning solutions
  • App development
  • Gamification of content
  • Platform services
Service Offerings
Verticals we serve

Verticals we serve

Our services are targeted at a wide range of user groups

  • Manufacturing
  • Publishing
  • Healthcare
  • eLearning providers
  • Training providers
  • Societies / Non-profit organizations

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Train the trainer courseware

Client: Leading Content Development provider in UK

Target Audience: Corporate

Scope of Work:Creating highly intreactive and enggaing courseware.Deliverables includes storyboard, UI design, Graphics/Animation, Audio, Interactivities, and Publishing SCORM content for LMS.


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