Integra delivers highly customized interactive digital learning solutions through effective instructional design, which makes for a personalized learning experience for students and teachers of all grades.

Education Transformation

In the past few years, the global academic education industry has gone through an unprecedented change by adopting digital learning products and services. Key drivers for this change being

  • Rising cost of education
  • Technology explosion
  • Open online courses as alternative for cost effective/quality education
  • Convenience and effectiveness

We at Integra support school, higher-ed publishers, educational content developers and large educational institutions by creating digital experiences in educational content. Integra‚Äôs Education Practice is focused on delivering customized interactive content solutions to its end consumers. Each course is designed and developed keeping the learner’s profile in mind and delivered using superior instructional design strategy for optimal learning engagement.


We are future ready!

Integra understands the change happening in the curriculum development and delivery and the need for accountability to measure and analyze learner outcomes in order to revise and facilitate continual improvement of curriculum and learning experience outcomes.

“Integra delivers highly customized interactive digital learning solutions through effective instructional design and rich animations for personalized learning experience and engagement to students in the academic segment.”

Integra’s capabilities to deliver a wide range of content services to academic education include

  • Curriculum design and development for blended learning
  • Interactive content solutions for Whiteboards
  • eBook/iBook with interactive content
  • HTML5 course development
  • Platform services – LMS/LCMS
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Game based learning
  • Assessment services
  • App development services

Service Offerings

Our services are targeted at a wide range of user groups

  • EdTech Companies
  • Vocational Training Institutes
  • Online Universities
  • Schools
  • Corporate Universities

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Digital content for Interactive White Board (IWB)

Client:Leading publisher for academic education in US

Project Name:Digital Content for Interactive Whiteboard

Target Audience:Pre-K and K-12, US

Scope of Work: Design and develop digital interactive science and math content for SMART & Promethean Interactive Whiteboards

Flash based Interactive White Board (IWB) courseware

Client:Integra sample product

Project Name: Interactive content on US history

Target Audience: K12 Students (US)

Scope of Work: Developing flash based IWB courseware, deliverable includes content writing, storyboarding, graphics/Animation, Audio and Interactivities

ePub3 Fixed Layout - School

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resource Digital and Learning Solutions for Education


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