With over 24 years of solid expertise, Integra offers end-to-end solutions that are aimed at maximizing the value of your content by leveraging technology and innovation.

Maximizing the value of your content

The new age digital reading/learning environment has dramatically changed the way people discover, purchase and consume content. The new technique of story telling is to create an engaging experience across multiple platforms using formats that leverage disruptive technologies. The content domain could be fiction, education or even scientific.

The drift from print to digital is continuously creating ripples in the publishing industry. Thanks to the entry of a multifold of digital gadgets, publishers are forced to deliver content in ways and means never dreamt before. This has opened up new opportunities for publishers to repurpose content and deliver highly interactive and engaging content for the new age reader.

This is “True Convergence” for the Publishing Industry.


Accelerating your digital initiatives

Having been in the publishing services space for over 24 years and quick adoption of digital technologies makes us the right choice to meet your challenges and help you reach out to your customers better. Our capability to offer solutions across editorial development to digital products makes us truly an end-to-end content solutions provider. Today, we also deliver highly customized eLearning solutions through effective instructional design and rich animations for personalized learning experience and engagement to students in the academic segment.

We have sound expertise in servicing the publishing segment needs mentioned below.

  • PreK–12
  • Higher-Education
  • ELT
  • STM
  • Legal
  • Trade

Over the years

We have developed extensive capabilities in managing end-to-end publishing services across many of the product types listed below.

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Dictionaries
  • Major Reference Work (MRW)
  • Loose leaf
  • Derivatives
  • Series books
  • Teacher and student editions

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