Integra provides full-service capabilities for ELT publishers.

The world of ELT has undergone a profound transformation in recent years. It is led by an explosion in demand and learning technologies. Our ELT practice exists to help publishers remain focused on creating great content and reaching learners, wherever they are, and however they want their courses delivered. We can be trusted with the rest.

We combine our company’s 24 years’ experience in publishing services with the knowledge and experience of onshore content development specialists to handle a growing and varied portfolio of ELT publishing projects. From highly illustrated primary course books to media-rich skills series for adults, apps and anything in between, we can help you meet your present and future objectives.



Our clients come to us because we promise them

  • A detailed understanding of the ELT business. When you contract with Integra, you can trust that you have hired a team that understands your business needs and requirements
  • A complete range of services with onshore content capabilities coordinated with robust offshore services
  • A complete range of services covering each stage of the publishing process
  • Undivided attention to completing briefs on time and to budget
  • Constant communication to provide solutions to any challenge that may arise
  • A complementary team so our clients’ energies can be spent on driving their business

Our clients stay with us because we deliver

  • All editorial and prepress functions from print to digital
  • Content development/copy and content editing/proofreading
  • Design and illustration/typesetting/layout
  • Digital product design/digital project management/software development
  • Asset conversion in a variety of e-formats
  • Project management/scheduling/resourcing/evaluation
  • Video and audio production/editing to delivery of final files
  • Localization
  • Adaptations

We look forward to participating in the future of ELT, anywhere in the world. Please let us know how we can help.


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