With over 24 years of deep expertise, Integra offers end-to-end solutions that are aimed at maximizing the value of your content by leveraging technology and innovation.

Making education more accessible

Technology and globalization is bringing in rapid transformation to the global higher education industry. The role of online education delivery, content that focus on competencies, lower cost and accessibility are the key drivers in taking higher education to the next level.

The educational publishers are under ever-increasing pressure to change the ways they publish for students. Publishers are redefining the learning delivery and creating content to prepare students for the global job market.

Integra boasts of a full-service delivery capability infused with two decades of experience in end-to-end content management and prepress solutions. We have worked on a number of market-leading texts, from developing to producing first editions and helping existing texts gain market share. Our team of subject matter experts, project managers, and designers are equipped to develop outcome based learning content and processes that bring personalized learning experiences attuned to the distinct learning capabilities of individuals.


Over the years


Our services for the higher-ed publishing market includes:

  • Content Development
  • Editorial Services
  • Photo Research and Text Permissions
  • Art Creation and Program Management
  • Digital Services
  • Trade
    • Online assessments
    • Interactive courseware
    • Simulations & scenario based learning
    • Ancillary teaching materials
    • Interactive eBooks and Apps

How are we different from the others?

  • More than a decade experience in handling Higher Ed titles in a wide variety of subjects – Business, Health, Math, Science, Sociology, Law, Education, History, Political Science.
  • Our editorial team in the US has a combined experience of more than 100 years in text book publishing in the areas of developmental editing, editorial/digital project management, and has managed editorial development for market leading titles such as 4LTR press.
  • We ensure a smooth workflow throughout a project.
  • We communicate, troubleshoot, and solve problems effectively.
  • We adapt content and style to fit specific publisher needs.
  • We proactively address issues and provide solutions.

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