Integra can help you publish the most appropriate, effective, engaging and affordable content for your students.

At Integra, we leverage on our editorial and design capabilities to create award winning, attention grabbing, best-selling educational products backed by strong offshore production and technology capabilities to meet all of your challenges, delivering exceptional quality at an optimized cost.Our senior leadership team brings over 24 years of collective in-house publishing experience to every project we undertake. This hands-on experience is the reason that we address your challenges in planning and executing a project so well. We deliver best-selling products in all educational disciplines, and in print and digital media.


Focused on learning outcomes

Integra creates learning platforms for digital content delivery, and understands the importance of leveraging interactive and engaging teaching pedagogies which are focused on learning outcomes. We have created learning objects for adaptive learning systems demonstrating our capabilities across content development, instructional design, media development, and programming while meeting the required content delivery standards. We can deliver content to your existing platforms or to Integra’s own adaptive teaching platform. To understand more about Integra’s Adaptive Learning offering and platform capabilities click here .

Service offerings

  • Editorial services, including copyediting, proofreading, indexing
  • Design and artwork creation
  • Photo research, text permissions, and art buying
  • Project management
  • Composition/typesetting/layout of all schools products (TEs, SEs, Ancillaries, etc.)
  • Digital services:
    • Digital interactive content development
    • Interactive white board (IWB) services
    • Learning management services (LMS)
    • Game based learning
    • Adaptive learning
    • Assessment services
    • App development services

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