Instructional Design in Digital Publishing - Read Sriram’s featured article in the Publisher’s Weekly - Digital Solutions in India 2018 series.

Sriram Subramanya shares his views on the importance of Instructional Design in creating engaging digital content. At Integra, we believe that while staying rooted to the original Instructional Design principles is important, evolving these principles to produce non-intrusive yet easily accessible content for our digital first audience is crucial for publishers’ sustained success.

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Digital Solutions in India 2018: Instructional Design in Digital Publishing

Education has finally started moving. And like events at the edge of a black hole, where the laws of physics stop working, this transformation of education from its traditional methodology is taking place so quickly that it is already happening before we are even aware of it.

While digital content delivery has been recognized by many to be quickly replacing print books, publishers are facing tremendous pressure and demand for digital versions of textbooks and educational materials from everyone—administrators, educators, and students. With the added pressure of piracy, Open Education Resources (OER), and rental book market, it is absolutely imperative that publishers be several steps ahead to stay relevant and in the race. As a result, there is a tremendous move to digitize and come up with new digital solutions to stay abreast.

In the rush to digitize, it is important to understand that content digitization is not just a simple print-to-digital conversion. It requires a transformation of the content, utilization of vast and seemingly limitless capabilities of the digital platform, protection against the risks of digital delivery, and limitations of the technology itself.

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