Integra’s mission is to support customers in adaptive learning, gamification, game based learning and mobile learning.

Focused on learning outcomes

Integra has created learning objects for adaptive learning systems leveraging our capabilities across content development, Instructional design, media development and programming, while meeting the required content delivery standards. This adaptive approach offers different content to learners, based on an assessment of what they seem to know. For example, content based on the results of an assessment at the end of a module where the program may move the learner ahead or reset the learner’s path so that he or she has an opportunity to review (or relearn) a supporting skill. We create question banks for various assessment levels – easy, moderate, complex and very complex for the poor, below average, average and brilliant students.

Integra has developed its own adaptive teaching platform providing teachers with the ability to direct and run classes. The platform also provides gamified experience that improves the teaching skills over a period of time. The platform empowers every teacher to deliver an engaging learning experience for students and thereby enhancing learning outcomes.

Benefits for teachers

  • Reduces preparation time and effort
  • Makes teaching fun and interesting
  • Auto-generates reports and log books
  • Enables training and certification at own pace
  • Helps earn rewards and recognition for their skills

Benefits for content creators

  • Improves adoption among teachers
  • Improve learning outcomes among students
  • Enable tablet-driven education
  • Helps make adaptive/personalized content offline

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Integra’s – Adaptive Teaching Platform

The World’s first gamified platform for adaptive teaching


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