Add interactivity and collaboration to learning. Give learning a zing by integrating media content into the teaching.

Fitting Right

Integra is a specialized provider of eLearning design and development services for the learning and training needs of educators and corporates. We have experience in delivering custom eLearning content through effective instructional strategies and device independent design solutions to meet your unique training and performance objectives. The digital content developed is based on the ADDIE model of instructional system design and is compliant with global industry standards like SCORM, AICC and TIN CAN and run seamlessly on all standard systems.

Our Approach

  • Integra’s team of instructional designers will work with you in identifying the instructional design strategy that is best suited for your learner profile
  • Help select the appropriate training delivery method
  • Create the storyboards and a high-level design document
  • Develop the course using Flash, HTML5, or other authoring tools
  • Integrate digital assets such as demos, simulations, 3D models, videos, podcasts, animations and graphics into the course
  • Deliver the complete course package as per the SCORM standards
  • Deploy the content package in the LMS or deliver it as a standalone package

Service Offerings

We develop eLearning courses that are carefully designed to meet instructional outcomes keeping performance objectives for the long-term. These could be for

  • Instructor Led Training (ILT)
  • Web Based Training (WBT)
  • Online Assessment
  • Simulation and Game based Learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Migration of Legacy content to HTML5

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Higher Education – Creating HTML5 interactive experiments

Client: Leading Publisher in Italy for Higher Education & Medical

Project Name: Laboratories - Musculo (for LMS & Tablets)

Target Audience: Higher Education (Italy Geography)

Scope of Work: Creating HTML5 interactive experiments.Deliverables includes Graphics, Audio, UI design, Interactivities & Animations targeted for PC, Mac, iPad & Android tablets

Train the trainer courseware

Client: Leading Content Development provider in UK

Project Name: Train the Trainer

Target Audience: Corporate

Scope of Work: Creating highly intreactive and enggaing courseware.Deliverables includes storyboard, UI design, Graphics/Animation, Audio, Interactivities, and Publishing SCORM content for LMS


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