Integra provides specialized design and development services that are focused on impacting performance to improve efficiency and achieve goals. This is made possible through effective instructional strategies and device independent design solutions.

Interact extensively

Integra leverages its experience in developing native content for Interactive White Board based applications such as SMART Boards, Promethean and other platforms. Integra has developed many modules of Interactive White Board courses for kids in the U.S., which enhances tactile, audio and visual learning capabilities. The digital team at Integra takes advantage of the IWB capabilities, applies appropriate instructional and graphic-design strategies, to make your IWB content rich and engaging. We adhere to customers’ style guides, standards, specifications, and inputs while developing our solutions. In addition to creating IWB content we also create user-friendly tools and interactive features which will work seamlessly on your IWB hardware and software platforms.

Service Offerings

  • IWB content development
  • UI design
  • Application development
  • Tool development

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Digital content for Interactive White Board (IWB)

Client:Leading publisher for academic education in US

Project Name:Digital Content for Interactive Whiteboard

Target Audience:Pre-K and K-12, US

Scope of Work: Design and develop digital interactive science and math content for SMART & Promethean Interactive Whiteboards

Flash based Interactive White Board (IWB) courseware

Client: Integra sample product

Project Name: Interactive content on US history

Target Audience: K12 Students (US)

Scope of Work: Developing flash based IWB courseware, deliverable includes content writing, storyboarding, graphics/Animation, Audio and Interactivities


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