While many institutions are suffering a crisis of learner disengagement and dropouts, digital and other social media are attracting audiences in unprecedented numbers. Therefore it is essential that we create new culturally relevant modes of engagement and models of learning for institutions and corporate entities that have great difficulty in bringing employees to attend training programs.

Play to Learn

Game-Based Learning (GBL) and ‘Gamification’ are gaining some real traction in the learning community. At the school level, learning games keep children intrinsically motivated to perform a task. It provides children with clear goals, a sense of control, immediate feedback, and above all, a balance between skill and challenge.




  • Our games can be adapted for the specific course curriculum followed by the school to achieve the desired learning outcomes
  • Can be made available on PCs and Tablets
  • Curriculum broken down in easy alignment to school syllabus

Improving Performance In corporates

Integra has worked extensively on scenario based learning, simulations and game based learning allowing participants to make real choices in the circumstances that confront them and provide an immersive learning experience.

Our simulation strategy involves working with you closely from the initial stage, developing a design approach that outlines all the aspects of the development- the type of simulation that best suits client business requirement – developing a feedback strategy and identifying the complexity level. We develop games that engage the learner by allowing him to work toward a goal by choosing actions and experiencing the consequences of those actions along the way.