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To deliver effectiveness, assessment solutions must be agile, streamlined and capable of promoting high-quality learning.

Measuring Learning Outcome

Integra delivers interactive assessments (drag & drop, true or false, fill-in-the-blanks and interactive decision making) solutions that not only assess the learning outcome, but also can guide the learner to achieve higher learning effectively. Our assessment solutions provide feedback to the learner after careful analysis of the learner’s knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, interests as well as evaluate the extent to which the goals have been met.



Service Offerings

We have a strong assessment practice. Our services include

  • Creation of QTI (Question and Test Interoperability) engines
  • Publishing Assessments using authoring tools like Articulate, Lectora and other assessment templates
  • Design of QTI compliant assessment templates
  • Developing formative & Summative assessments with different complexity level interactivities (simple, moderate & complex)
  • Authoring assessments in client’s proprietary assessment tools and platforms

Key Benefits

Our solution allows you to

  • Create questions in line with your learning objectives
  • Develop for both online and offline deliveries targeting PC, Mac, Smart phones & Tablets
  • Develop comprehensive reports


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Total Quality Management Course with Assessments

Client: Leading Publisher for Higher Education in UK

Project Name: Quality Management Course

Scope of Work: Content mapping, Storyboard, Audio, HTML5 Courseware development including assessments, Testing & delivery


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