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iLancer – Freelancer Management Platform

Integra’s iLancer platform helps you effectively connect, onboard, collaborate with, and assign work to freelance publishing talent worldwide. Based in the cloud, iLancer combines Integra’s more than two decades experience in the publishing business with its acumen in automation and management to make it easy for publishers to manage all aspects of freelancer engagement, such as skill- level evaluation, work assignment, and engaging them and issuing invoices. With an easy-to-use UI and third-party tool integration flexibility, iLancer is sure to boost your performance and reduce costs in managing on-demand resources.



Key Features

  • Increased productivity for publishers’ editorial and production resources as well as freelance workers

  • Scale up or scale down based on business contingency

  • Reduced time to hire, assign work, monitor progress, and manage people across geographies

  • Speed and accuracy at all levels of freelance engagement backed by technology

  • Available on-the-cloud and in-premise, and is always updated