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The CEO Magazine interviews our CEO to get a sense of ‘The Journey So Far’

The CEO Magazine interviewed Sriram Subramanya to capture the highlights of Integra’s journey, which began with just five employees but today exceeds a staff of over 2000. Mr. Sriram explained why he chose to establish Integra as part of the digital content industry and shared various milestones the organization has crossed. He also described the shift in focus in the education publishing industry, where the use of Extended Reality (XR) technologies will enrich the learning experience of customers in the future. The article offered readers a snapshot of Sriram’s accolades and achievements in his role as Integra’s CEO and Managing [...]

The CEO Magazine interviews our CEO to get a sense of ‘The Journey So Far’2019-08-22T06:44:13+00:00

Integra awarded Most Innovative Digital Content Solutions Firm 2018 at Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards

Setting the stage for success Integra is happy, proud, and abuzz with enthusiasm on receiving the most Innovative Digital Content Solutions Firm 2018 by the Acquisition International Global Excellence Awards. Rightfully conferred with the accolade  CEO Sriram Subramanya speaks about the promising journey Integra has undertaken and the innovation-driven foresight it has gained over the years. Here are some of the highlights from his interview with the magazine. Creating new benchmarks with content and technology solutions Having been in the digital publishing space for a while now, Integra has been at the forefront of innovation by helping publishers adopt complete digital [...]

Integra awarded Most Innovative Digital Content Solutions Firm 2018 at Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards2019-10-10T12:15:01+00:00


Publishing has witnessed some very interesting and disruptive transformation over the years. In today’s digital landscape, the publishing industry is fast moving from a book-based product model to a services-based business model. Moreover, technological advancements have brought with them multitudes of opportunities and possibilities in learning and publishing. Technological advancement isn’t complete without bringing in the term Artificial intelligence (AI). Before we continue, let us quickly break AI down for you: AI helps in building systems that can carry out intelligent tasks. Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the two subsets of AI. While ML helps in building [...]


The benefits of XML-First workflow in Digital Publishing

Picture this: A publishing house receives manuscripts as word files from authors, editors, subject matter experts, and other contributors. They are then typeset on InDesign to make interactive PDFs as end-deliverables. What does such a process flow typically indicate? A print-first production that is prolonged and less dynamic in nature. In this context, what can a markup language do? Provide a streamlined approach that considers several aspects of the publishing process in the digital environment. XML markup is not new. The first version (1.0) existed in 1998 and was developed by the SGML Editorial Review Board. At that point in time, [...]

The benefits of XML-First workflow in Digital Publishing2019-10-10T12:21:14+00:00

Handling Multiple Contributors—Successful Editorial Management.

With digital taking the world by storm, you’d be living under a rock if you still believe that publishing remains unaffected by the digital wave. Be it publishing huge volumes of academic research, journals, a voluminous book, or whitepapers or regular blogs that steer content marketing efforts in B2B and B2C environments, the digital bug has bitten quite strongly and how! Publishing in the digital environment brings a unique set of characteristics to the entire publishing process and calls for a more structured approach to editorial management. People no longer see publishing as a linear, straightforward process akin to factory line [...]

Handling Multiple Contributors—Successful Editorial Management.2019-10-10T12:22:22+00:00

Integra wins award at DivHERsity Awards 2019

MARCH 11, 2019 - BENGALURU Recognized for Designing Innovative Practices in L&D Program for women in Workplace Integra was honored to receive the DivHERsity awards at AccelHERate 2019, India’s biggest B2B conference for companies committed to accelerating womens careers. DivHERsity Awards 2019 by Jobsforher is one-of-a-kind gender diversity awards curated to support and recognise the commitment and excellence of Indian companies in increasing female participation in the workforce. The event was organized by JobsForHer, a connecting portal that helps women restart their careers after breaks. Integra was listed in the top 5 Most Innovative Practices in Women L&D Program By bringing [...]

Integra wins award at DivHERsity Awards 20192019-03-26T05:31:50+00:00


For the third time in a row, Integra is one of the 100 best companies for women in India (Working Mother & AVTAR)