There’s a growing demand for digital content. The stats reveal it all: 4.1 billion internet users who are using a variety of devices to access all types of the available content on the Web. 

Given this increase in voracious readers, the digital content market is expected to move past the $500 billion marks by the end of this year. There is a dire need for end-to-end content solutions providers to ramp up their offerings in order to meet this need.

Integra has, for the most part, anticipated these rapid changes, as far back as 1994 and began its foray into the publishing solutions world, by creating a lasting customer experience with a trustworthy brand. 

Let’s look at the evolution of the company from a time when it offered services in the content transformation and enrichment domain.

Integra – CEO Sriram Subramanya’s vision realized

Sriram Subramanya, founder, Managing Director, and CEO of Integra, has played a significant role in charting its current path to greater heights – from its infancy to its current status as a powerhouse in the end-to-end content solutions space.

In a recent interview with CEO Magazine, Mr Subramanya said he looked at the market demand for digital publishing and ran with the idea of a startup that offers digital publishing services. In just a decade, Integra has gained recognition as a global leader catering to both the digital publishing and education services domains.

What is of note is that Sriram has implemented his vision of establishing Integra as a global brand with a staff of just five. Only recently did this increase to 2000+ employees operating from six cities located in ten countries around the world.

For his contribution to the content solutions industry in India as a whole, it should come as no surprise that Sriram has won a number of awards, justifying the reputation that precedes him as a pioneering visionary.

Humble Beginnings to Industry Leader – Some Important Milestones 

Running a tightly-knit organization for over a decade is no mean feat, with the obvious challenges and hurdles. Still, in experiencing unprecedented growth from a small startup to a global leader, Integra has met important milestones along the way. Some of these include:

  • Award for Excellence in Gender Inclusivity from NASSCOM in 2009
  • Ranked #2 as a global content solutions provider in 2009-10 Data Monitor’s Black Book of Outsourcing survey 
  • Received three consecutive Working Mother and AVTAR group awards for 2016, 2017, and 2018
  • Among the Top 5 Finalists for the Excellence in Gender Inclusivity awards given by NASSCOM in 2012
  • Recognized at the 2019  DivHERsity Awards for being an Indian organization committed to bringing diversity to the workplace 

On the whole, Integra is now considered a global player in areas of focus such as digital and content solutions. Not wanting to rest on our laurels, we also enjoy the distinction of being the first end-to-end content solutions provider to offer Extended Reality (XR) technologies to those who are involved in content development.

In Closing

Indeed, Integra has come a long way since 1994. With an enterprising and innovative CEO at the helm, our team finds itself well-equipped when it comes to thriving in the end-to-end content solutions space. A dynamic industry if there ever was one – particularly in these times!

If you want to know more about Integra and the wide range of digital and content solutions it offers, please check out our website.