Dawn after the apocalypse: What’s next in eLearning?

By definition “apocalypse” means the end, confusion, and destitution. It’s a genre of entertainment that enthralls us because its characters are challenged to survive in near impossible terms without the usual comforts. And by extension we watch and ask ourselves, how would I behave? What would I do in dire circumstances? Now COVID-19 is here and we’re responding apocalyptically. In response, we’re mandated to isolate ourselves to stay safe and healthy and keep the virus from spreading. We’re isolated. We’re working from home and managing our families. We can work this way but how do we learn and train and [...]

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Role of AI in the Publishing Industry

Artificial Intelligence has gained immense popularity in the recent decade. Machines are now able to mimic the human intelligence process with remarkable accuracy. AI has been widely used in many industries like recruitment, healthcare, education, and insurance to make day-to-day activities more efficient. In the last couple of years, there have been numerous ways in which the publishing industry too has been trying to integrate AI into their end-to-end process. Here are some of the ways that AI can assist in streamlining the publishing industry: Research:  Publishing, especially in academia, involves tremendous amounts of research. An effective research paper needs [...]

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How Publishers can Benefit from Dedicated Project Management Tools

Project cycles are crucial to all industries and managing them can be challenging. Preparing resources for projects requires more than just planning. One should be able to anticipate bottlenecks and eventually develop tactics to circumvent them. A project management tool or software offers a technology-enabled structure and organisation for project managers to gain control over a project and deliver it successfully. With the increasing demand for access to content via digital media and myriad of devices, the publishing industry has already been pushed into the digital space. Moving beyond digital outputs, publishers, in today’s competitive market, must gain a deeper [...]

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What does NLP mean in the Learning and Digital Publishing spaces?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been pervading the digital publishing space quite effectively of late, easing out labor-intensive processes and streamlining several services across the spectrum, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is yet another interesting phenomenon that has gripped the attention of those in the learning and digital publishing arena. With such innovation taking place at a rapid pace, what's in store for digital publishers and their audiences? Aiming for precision and context-sensitivity One of the primary issues with several ‘keyword-based’ analysis systems is that they lack precision. They often count words as ‘character strings’ so that analysis runs faster, but doing [...]

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Integra – Putting India’s Digital Content Solutions Industry on the Map

There’s a growing demand for digital content. The stats reveal it all: 4.1 billion internet users who are using a variety of devices to access all types of the available content on the Web.  Given this increase in voracious readers, the digital content market is expected to move past the $500 billion marks by the end of this year. There is a dire need for end-to-end content solutions providers to ramp up their offerings in order to meet this need. Integra has, for the most part, anticipated these rapid changes, as far back as 1994 and began its foray into [...]

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Decoding AI and NLP for Publishers

Within digital publishing circles today -- when you have terms like: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) thrown around ever so often, you would do yourself some good to get acquainted with them and in fact get around to exploring them in real-time for potential use cases in the publishing space.  With complex workflows characterizing a big part of the publishing ecosystem, AI capabilities are quite promising to the extent that they can actually automate large portions of these workflows, and create significant value to publishing businesses, authors, and the research community. With this blog, let’s decode how [...]

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Demystifying the role of AI in Learning Management

What are the core essentials that define an effective learning management system? Intuitiveness. Intelligence. Personalization. Let’s assume that for these aspects to come together seamlessly, we would need an augmenting force that is advanced in function, yet basic in form. An interesting possibility that offers promise to address this point is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI could well be that catalyzing force to deliver an advanced level of sophistication to existing learning management systems. AI’s digital, dynamic nature opens opportunities for building personalized student engagement and immersive learning experiences that cannot be found in traditional e-learning environments. AI can be leveraged to [...]

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5 Ways in which AI Can Revolutionize the Publishing Industry

The decade that went by has witnessed the spectacular rise of digital publishing, print-on-demand, and the independent author movement. To feed this explosive growth, several technologies and tools have been gaining traction. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is particularly promising in that it looks to be the next big disruptor in the publishing field.  Let’s take a closer look at how AI is going to create a strong impact on the publishing industry: Reading into the Future: Predictive Analytics By using complex algorithms and rigorous methods of current and historical data analysis to make predictions on the future of readers’ behavior, AI [...]

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XR in Learning

Do a quick Google search with the key words extended reality (AR/VR) and learning and development, and you will see an overwhelming number of articles promising a gazillion possibilities. Taken at face value this might lead to a superficial conclusion, but the fact that there’s so much potential in this area is indeed interesting and sparks further discussion. Barely three years ago, the sweeping phenomenon known as Pokémon Go had everyone raving about the power of augmented reality (AR).  In mere weeks it had become a global phenomenon, with millions of active users taking to it quite naturally. So what [...]

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10 Signs You Need a Freelancer Management System for your Business

In a business world that is by and large becoming global in character and form, remote working seems to have picked up quite some steam, and with good reason. With freelancing on the rise, organizations today are keen on getting cross-functional teams to work on contract-based projects to tap the potential of specific talents and skill sets optimally. However, considering the haphazard nature of freelancing, it’s crucial for organizations to systematize the onboarding, collaboration, and payment systems. By implementing a comprehensive freelancer management system, one can get a lot of tasks on track and streamline complex processes efficiently. So what [...]

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