Measures learning capabilities and provides effective feedback

Assessments are an integral part of holistic learning programs – from PreK-12 to higher education to continuing education. Effective assessments go beyond merely evaluating a learner’s understanding; they can motivate, help students learn, and reinforce learning. In addition, they enable critical thinking and self-awareness. A comprehensive assessment module is a must-have in any content provider’s arsenal.

Creating quality assessments calls for expertise across various subjects and the ability to deliver across varied formats. Additional requirements like mapping content to standards, learning objectives, and competencies & skills; online assessment authoring; and metadata tagging will help deliver comprehensive reporting to multiple stakeholders involved.


With extensive experience in all facets of assessment for K-8 and Higher-Ed, Integra offers a wide range of interactive, engaging, and effective assessment services to facilitate successful student learning outcomes. Our content partners leverage our experience in authoring tests (multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, match the following, quizzes, and comprehension passages), and analytics to evaluate the learner’s knowledge and learning skills.

We offer highly customized, interactive, and ready-to-administer assessments for both print and digital media:

Assessment Repository

Question banks based on Bloom’s taxonomy for School, Higher-Education, & Professional Development.

Mapping Content

Mapping content to Standards, Learning Objectives, Competencies, and Skills.


Analysis of content/teaching effectiveness based on the content mapping.

QA and SME Review

Robust and effective editing and SME review processes to create balanced assessments.

21st century skills

Items assessing 21st century skills within domains of prescribed content.

Multi-functional solutions

Developing formative and summative assessments with varying complexity level & with interactivities.

Technology that acts as an enabler for assessments

Integra is capable of administering assessments across various delivery engines. Be it your proprietary authoring platform or any of the current platforms backed by authoring tools, Integra is ahead of the technology curve in developing and administering assessment solutions. Our technology expertise includes:

Customer Portal
Using customer portals to create, review and edit questions and answers.
Authoring Tools
Publishing assessments using authoring tools like Articulate and Lectora.
TestBank Item File Development on platforms like iAuthor and GatherContent to create solutions.

The Integra Advantage

Technology expertise

Assessments mapped to various standards.

Cross media solutions

Assessment solutions across both print and digital media.

Multi-functional Test Authoring

Solutions for Adaptive and Outcome-based Assessment Authoring.

Assessment Platform

Robust platform services to administer assessments for online tests.


40+ qualified in-house team to identify learning objectives, assessment strategies, and map content.

Customized test development

Customer-specific blueprints are used to create custom, ready-to-administer tests.

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