End-to-end editorial services enhancing quality in publications

An eye for detail is imperative to transform content into a format that is uniform, correct, organized, understandable, and complete. Every book or journal that is being published today, no matter how good the writing is, does not read perfectly the very first time. It goes through multiple pairs of scrutinizing eyes to get it right.

Checking content for facts, grammar, syntax, spelling, style, and if necessary, rewrite to fix problems with transitions, wordiness, jargon, style, and to ensure it has a good flow and delivers on the clarity of message. A copy editor plays a critical role in preparing a manuscript ready for production.

Proofreading comes into the picture after the content is edited, laid out, and designed—to check for spelling, typos, punctuations and formatting errors.

Both copy editors and proofreaders play a vital role by looking at content from the point of view of the reader, not the writer, ensuring that content is transformed into being easily comprehensible and well organized for specific target audiences.


Through a team of well-trained in-house offshore copyeditors and a large pool of on-demand first-language onshore editors located across the world, we offer bespoke editorial services for publishers. Our experience in editorial services extends to editing content for books and journals.

Possessing varied academic backgrounds ranging from bachelor’s to doctorates degrees in various disciplines, and years of experience in the editing field, our experts ensure your content has quality, accuracy, consistency, flow, and clarity.

Integra’s editorial service offering includes:

Integra - Technical Editing Services

Technical Editing

Content scrutinized for:

  • Improving layout consistency
  • Adherence to Publisher house style
  • Correctness and completeness
Integra - Language Editing Services

Language Editing

Content scrutinized for:

  • Ensuring sanctity of author’s tone
  • Grammar
  • Style
  • Sense
  • Syntax
Editorial services


Create easy and comprehensive end-of-book reference to terms:

  • Keyword indexing
  • Author and name indexing
  • Product indexing
  • Subject/analytical indexing
  • Bibliographic indexing

Language Polishing

Done for manuscripts in all science subjects:

  • Fixing grammatical errors
  • Meets accepted standards of scientific English
  • Improving sentence clarity and the flow of ideas
  • Resolving ambiguities due to syntactic or semantic factors
  • Removing redundancies

The Integra Advantage

Integra Advantage - Experience


20+ years of domain experience.

Integra Advantage - Services across segments

Services across segments

Services across STM, PreK-12, Higher Ed, ELT and Trade segments.

Integra Advantage - Multilingual services

Multilingual services

Multilingual capabilities in European and Asian languages.

Integra Advantage - Expert Editors

Expert Editors

First language onshore resources provide accurate and nuanced copy edits.

Integra Advantage - Cost effective Delivery Model

Cost effective Delivery Model

Hybrid global delivery model utilizing onshore and offshore resources to optimize costs.

Integra Advantage - SMEs


Well-versed with validating information across various subjects.

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