Book and Journal production turn over a new leaf

Since the publication of the first book and journal, for a few centuries, the print product has been the only form of content experience for generations of consumers in the academic and the general audience. That was until the advent of the internet. Computing technologies and mobility devices have disrupted both content production and content consumption – affecting both the ends of the business.

Once considered an arduous task, intervention of technology has today brought about a sea change in how a book or a journal is produced. Today, highly capable pagination systems with an XML or an HTML base are transforming content production for publishers, thereby facilitating multi-channel delivery capabilities. Traditional print-based content products have transformed into an interactive environment in their digital avatar.

Today’s technological advancements provide publishers with an opportunity to develop optimal workflows to shorten their production cycles and output multiple product formats for their target consumers at the same time.

Typesetting services

Integra has been offering bespoke production solutions for publishers across all the segments for over 24 years now. From simple to complex layout, plain text to heavy math, Integra leverages technology and highly skilled content engineering professionals to deliver smart solutions.

Integra offers XML-first workflow solutions in all the major pagination software available, facilitating multiple file format output within a single workflow for both books and journals.

  • InDesign
  • 3B2
  • LaTeX
  • XML-first and Non-XML LaTeX workflow
  • For academic publishers whose authors prefer developing content in a LaTeX environment, Integra has developed several workflow automation and QA tools that preserve the integrity of the LaTeX file and can output XML from within a single workflow.
  • Multilingual content production capability
  • Publishers leverage Integra’s in-house expertise to handle European and Asian language content production. Native language-speaking resources are deployed to ensure the quality of the deliverables.
  • Every year we deliver close to 250,000 pages of typeset content in the following non-English languages:
    • Dutch
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Swedish
    • Spanish


For more samples, write to us to

For more samples, write to us to

For more samples, write to us to

For more samples, write to us to

Artwork and Graphics Processing

As part of typesetting services, Integra has significant experience in handling various complexities of artwork and graphics processing. Equipped with latest graphics processing software and high-end computing machines, Integra’s team of graphics processing personnel can handle varied processing requirements like:

  • Color correction and manipulation
  • Relabeling
  • Redrawing
  • Scanning

A team of printing technology graduates and fine arts work on complex artwork needs like retouching and redrawing across multiple types like:

  • Mathematical/technical illustrations
  • Simple to complex chemical structures
  • Engineering drawings
  • Maps
  • Medical illustration
  • Creative artwork based on situation brief


For more samples, write to us to

Content transformation services

With more than a decade’s experience in content transformation services, Integra is best suited to help publishers with their eBook and XML- based conversion needs. Integra helps publishers to capitalize across world markets by offering support across non-English European languages.

Having developed proprietary tools, technology platforms, and tested-and-proven workflows for various eBook conversion requirements, Integra is aptly every publishers’ first choice for their content transformation needs to suit today’s myriad output devices in the marketplace.

  • iDigiPub
  • iDigiPub is Integra’s proprietary set of tools developed for creating EPUBs and facilitating  XML-based conversions. With in-built quality checking mechanisms and the ability to integrate custom scripts and plugins based on client needs, the iDigiPub offers a wide spectrum of choices for publishers’ conversion needs.

The Integra Advantage

Over 24 years of content production experience.

The Integra Advantage - 3 million book and journal typeset pages every year

3 million book and journal typeset pages every year.

Integra -The Integra Advantage -multi-lingual content production capability Screen reader support enabled. The Integra Advantage -multi-lingual content production capability

In-house multi-lingual content production capability.

The Integra Advantage - Highly evolved workflow solutions and tools

Highly evolved workflow solutions and tools.

Few of Our Select Clients

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  • To Script or to plug-in

To Script or to plug-in

Publishers, worldwide, have accepted InDesign over the years as a worthy tool in their arsenal. One of the main reasons for InDesign’s acceptance is its design capabilities and scope for automation in a world that [...]

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