THE CHALLENGE (We Would Love To Face)

Creation of 3-min animations for standards 1 to 8 in 2 months

This client is the world’s largest educational publisher and a leader in all academic sectors, ranging from pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher education through to adult learning.

They approached Integra to create short (3-min) animations to be included in the eBooks for students from classes 1-8 on various subjects.

The subjects included English, Science, Mathematics, Environmental Science and Social Studies. The client wanted all the animations in a turn-around time of 2 months.

Our Strategy (Sure Shot, Never Miss)

Engaging animations based on real-life situations

For creating the animation, the client provided textbooks as reference. The instructional designers analyzed the textbooks and created storyboards for the development. They selected the best approach to present the content including real-life scenarios and examples.

As the turn-around time was very less, we at Integra performed a critical path analysis and came up with an optimized work-breakdown structure for the project. The illustrators and animators used the storyboard for creating the graphical assets and animate them.

The graphic leads and the instructional leads reviewed the animations to ensure that the quality of animation is at par with the requirement.

Key Results (Beyond Your Expectations)

Improved understanding due to relatable courseware

The animations provided by Integra helped in boosting learning, enhancing understanding and allowing retention of the content.

The animations helped the students to understand the concepts better and the examples used in the animation helped them to experience the result in real-life.

Case Study Screenshots