Accessibility: Measurable Assistive Technology Compatible

The content may be the best, the learning design may be perfect, the motivational strategy may be the most engaging, but if it is not accessible to all learners, the entire learning system becomes useless. Accessible design ensures both direct or unassisted access as well as indirect or assistive technology compatible access to the learning modules. Hence creating an accessible learning system is beneficial for both people with and without disabilities.

Accessibility is no longer a value-added service but an integral part of online content. While there are several standards that define accessibility for digital content, Integra’s e-Learning services are able to meet all these requirements. Moreover, we also have a well-organized and efficient testing team who can guarantee the accessibility of our corporate training modules.

What Types of Training and Learning Requirement Justify the Need for Accessibility?

Integra connects accessibility-oriented businesses across varied clientele through its Accessibility Audit Services and Accessibility Implementation Services. The tenets of our accessibility services include

Accessibility Audit Services
  • Perform accessibility audit on digital eLearning products for compliance with different standards.
  • Identifying accessibility gaps and preparing a report.
  • Providing recommendations on accessibility compliance for future and ongoing projects.
Accessibility Remediation Services
  • Providing recommendations for accessibility remediation for existing products.
  • Providing accessibility remediation where required for existing products.
  • Delivering accessibility audit report and compliance report to the customer.
Accessibility Implementation Services
  • Designing and developing fully accessible digital and eLearning products.
  • Accessibility testing and implementation.
  • Implementing video accessibility
  • ALT text writing
  • AR/VR/360-degree video accessibility



Integra’s strategy for providing accessibility that meets user requirements and the most stringent accessibility standards are based on our philosophy and approach to accessibility. We strategize in providing accessibility services in two main categories.

Simulation Of Handicap

By using simulation for creating accessible eLearning content, our accessibility test engineers ensure that all your learners can retain more information, generating positive and impactful results.

Content with Accessibility as Part of its DNA

Accessibility for everyone is an integral component of our eLearning content. At Integra, accessibility begins at the design stage of the learning modules. The output that you get comes with a well-integrated accessibility that does not affect the design.


Integra's Experienced and Talented Accessibility Team are Well-Versed in Understanding the Guiding Laws on Accessibility Across Different Regions
  • Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act
  • Equality Act 2010 in the United Kingdom
  • Disability Discrimination Act in Australia
Integra's Experts aave a Working Knowledge of Providing Accessibility Solutions Across Various Standards
  • WCAG 2.0 from W3C
  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA)
  • Section 508
  • HTML5