THE CHALLENGE (We Would Love To Face)

eConversion of game-based modules from Flash to HTML5

This client is the world’s largest educational publisher and a leader in all academic sectors, ranging from pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher education through to adult learning

The client wanted to convert their existing game-based learning modules developed using Flash to HTML5 in order to make them responsive and device agnostic. Additionally, they also wanted the games to be compatible with accessibility standards.

There was no formal documentation, such as the script, storyboard, or design/functional specifications available for the games and the client wanted all the games converted in a turn-around time of 2 months.

Our Strategy (Sure Shot, Never Miss)

Critical path analysis to create responsive games that are compatible with accessibility standards

For the conversion, the client provided the source files and graphic assets for reference. The programming team analyzed the code to understand the logic and replicated the functionality using the assets provided.

As the turn-around time was very less, we at Integra performed a critical path analysis and came up with an optimized work-breakdown structure for the project. The graphic assets were extracted, and we developed the functionality using the best combination of HTML5 technologies, such as AngularJS, CSS#, jQuery.

Our QA team performed a thorough testing of the functionality and accessibility on all the environments as per agreed browsers/device matrix.

Key Results (Beyond Your Expectations)

Accessible game-based modules for enhanced learning

The games were deployed on the server and the learners can play them using their PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and smartphones.

Our game-based e-Learning solutions were also created to be accessible such that people with various disabilities can play the game with ease.

Case Study Screenshots