Audio-Based Learning: Attracting a larger gamut of learners

Audio plays a very important part of learning. While images and text provide information, audio prepares the emotional state of mind that allows us to absorb the information, turn it into learning and change our behaviour.

For example, consider your favourite movie. Watch it without the audio, without the intonation of the actors’ voices, the depth of emotion and without the background music. Even if you do watch with sub-titles, the appeal of the movie is lost. Integra understands the importance of audio in learning, either as part of an e-Learning course or standalone in the form of podcasts and audio lessons.

What Types of Training and Learning Requirement Justify the Need for Audio Based Learning?

At Integra, we have the capability to create Audio-based learning modules and to convert an existing learning content into a game-based content. Audio-based learning can be used to develop cognitive, affective and psycho-motor skills in different areas and across a wide spectrum of learners.

Audio Transcription

Our audio services team provide audio transcription services, for use either as a separate transcript or as an accessibility service for video and audio content. We have the capability to create verbatim transcripts, edited transcripts and intelligent transcripts as per our client’s requirements.

Audio Editing and Sync/Mixing

Product training involves scenario-based learning. For instance, the learner will be placed in a situation where they need to help their client to understand a product’s features and functionality. Integra has developed games for use in these areas, effectively modifying user behaviours into corporate learning.

Audio Conversion

Do you have an audio that is in a format incompatible with an existing corporate training requirement? Integra’s audio team will convert the audio to any required format with little or no loss in quality using the appropriate audio compression algorithms (codecs), bitrates and containers.

Audio Recording/Dubbing

Integra provides audio recording and dubbing services for corporate training and other standalone audio requirements such as audiobooks and podcasts. Our dubbing services include audio script creation to match the video, translation of the existing audio (If required) and recording the audio using a compatible voice over artist.

Audio Script Writing

 Developing an audio script requires the inclusion of voice intonations and pronunciation keys. Integra develops audio scripts with the appropriate pronunciation keys as per the regional requirement and nature of the content. In addition, Integra has experience in creating audio scripts for technical content, especially biology, medical and legal content.



Providing a comprehensive set of audio services is a challenge given the numerous variations in requirements that may arise from customers’ needs. Here are some of Integra’s strategies in meeting a set of widely varying audio service requirements.

Global Partnerships

Integra has a global presence in several countries and our project managers ensure that our global partners are available for audio recording services.

Comprehensive Technology

Our audio services teams use the best audio editing suites, along with the appropriate hardware including headphones and high-end sound cards, ensuring a faultless production aligned with your corporate training needs.

Capable Transcriptionists

Our in-house transcriptionists have experience with different accents and regional variations and work in coordination with our in-house Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for technical content.



Integra takes pride in the quality of our deliverables. We thoroughly evaluate our audio outputs using both machine-based and human quality assurance test

One-stop Shop

Integra provides a one-stop shop for all your audio services requirements, regardless of region or accent. .


At Integra, we have a large and extensive pool of subject matter experts who contribute to quality in our transcription and video script creation services.