THE CHALLENGE (We Would Love To Face)

e-Learning for nursing practitioners to provide personal care designed to help elderly people perform daily activities

This client is a leading training provider for medical and paramedical personnel to enhance and practice their caregiving skills. They required e-Learning courses for nursing practitioners on providing personal care to elderly people to help them perform day-to-day activities.

They approached Integra to create e-Learning courses using the development platform in their own LMS. Their requirements included courses which have videos of caregivers explaining their roles and the opportunity to enhance their caregiving skills to meet the program/curriculum requirements.

Additional interactivities such as flip card, drag and drop, hotspots that are visually compelling and keep the learners engaged and multimedia elements that provide key information clearly and concisely should also be included in the courseware.

Our Strategy (Sure Shot, Never Miss)

Customized courseware based on the available course development platform

Integra designed the e-Learning course by getting our Instructional and Graphic Designers to analyse the content provided in the form of word documents, PDFs and videos as well as the development platform to identify its features and limitations.

Based on this analysis, our Instructional Designers came up with storyboards that are aligned with the learning objectives and our Graphic Designers designed the courses by using the custom development platform based on the storyboards.

Following this, our Programmers integrated the developed objects into HTML5 to view it through online portal for any device and our Quality Assurance Team mapped the guidelines and standards to ensure everything is error-free.

Key Results (Beyond Your Expectations)

Personalized training that helps provide person-centred care at home

The customized e-Learning courseware based on the client’s existing LMS was created considering all the requirements from the client and delivered on schedule.

The course helped the learners explore the necessary skills in providing person-centred care for elderly people at home.

Additionally, the real-time video cassettes in the course allowed learners to focus on the key takeaways and prevent cognitive overload by staying focused on the primary goal.

Case Study Screenshots