Custom e-learning: Bring Measurable Results

All learning requirements are not created equal. As much as your needs are unique, so are our custom e-Learning solutions. Most training programs can be easily developed using rapid authoring tools. However certain training programs require complex interactions, including interactive 3D elements, augmented reality, custom navigation and assessments. This is when our custom e-Learning solutions come into the picture.

Integra’s custom e-Learning courseware is built to specification by exploiting all the available technology to their maximum potential. These custom e-Learning services have been developed in order to provide learning not only in the cognitive domain but also the affective domain which has an impact on the learner’s behaviour. As a result, our corporate training services help in transforming learning into business outcomes and skills.

What Types of Training and Learning Requirement Justify the Needs for Custom e-learning?

While custom e-Learning can be developed for any and every requirement ranging from higher levels of cognitive learning to immersive learning, these are some areas where custom e-Learning provides a higher value for money.

Practical Learning

A practical virtual hands-on approach is more effective in providing a clear understanding of the learning content. Practical learning helps learners obtain real-time knowledge which in turn has a positive intact on information absorption and retention. Custom e-Learning solutions provide the capability to design and develop practical training programs which can be used in corporate training.

Product Training

Employees must receive a comprehensive product training from the company, in order to be better equipped with the various nuances of the product, thereby closing more sales. With the ability to build in various powerful JavaScript libraries and tools such as React JS, Integra’s custom e-Learning services can effectively design product training programs which boost clarity and understanding.

Soft skill Training

Productive and efficient employees share one thing in common – they all have impeccable soft skill. Custom e-Learning can play a major role in soft skill training. For example, employees can be trained in negotiation skill with the help of chatbots and AI. Integra’s robust, practical hands-on exercises can help your employees obtain the requisite soft skill that they need.

Personalized Training

Custom e-Learning services help in designing a diverse personalized training program which is essential in engaging learners in a non-guided, non-classroom environment. This is best possible with the help of branching and exploratory learning approaches, adaptive courseware and assessments. At Integra, we provide custom HTML development which enables the incorporation of user behaviour tracking and user-based responses for exploratory learning.

Responsive Courseware

Rapid authoring tools provide adaptive templates that can be viewed on both desktops and hand-held devices. However, these tools employ set adaptive resolutions that can only provide courseware which are limited to certain standard screen sizes. At Integra, our custom e-Learning solutions are equipped to develop fully responsive courseware that can adapt to different screens and browsers.



Custom e-Learning provides a limitless array of opportunities when it comes to executive learning & development. At Integra, we adopt the following custom e-Learning strategies to assist you in your corporate training goals.

Intelligent Learning

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Integra can provide virtual corporate training, facilitated by real-time interactions. While imparting corporate training, our objective is to move away from condition-based interactivities to rules-based interactivities, which respond and adapt to user behaviour.

Adaptive Learning

At Integra, our adaptive learning strategy has been designed to be engaging and simulating. Our adaptive learning solution allows learners to commit mistakes, see the outcomes, make necessary corrections and study cause and effect.

Mobile Learning

Custom e-Learning solutions offer the capability to employ true m-Learning, where the content is not just scaled down to fit a smaller screen but is developed to provide a complete mobile experience. Integra provides custom e-Learning services which blend the concepts of micro-learning with traditional e-Learning.

Adult Learning Strategies (Andragogy)

At Integra, we use custom eLearning to build a comprehensive blueprint that incorporates web-based tools and adult learning in your corporate training strategy. This enables learners to utilize their experience, make the most of problem-centric learning strategies and showcase the relevance and results of such learning.


Subject Matter Expertise

Integra has a wide pool of content experts, who hail from different industries. Our domain experts come with a deep understanding and knowledge of the custom eLearning process.

Experienced And Capable Team

Our programming team is able to use all the available tools and technologies, including React, Angular JS etc to create an immersive training strategy.

Global Presence

Integra’s custom eLearning team is located in different parts of the world, from USA to Japan, giving you the added advantage of our global connections.

One-stop Shop

Integra’s gamut of custom eLearning solutions include analysis in ADDIE, performing Job Task Analysis (JTA), Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Learner Analysis etc. At Integra, you can find any and every custom eLearning service that you may be looking for.

Project Management

Integra’s advantage lies in the fact that our experts cut down on the project duration by using the delivery time requirements for reverse calculation and establishing a critical path.

Accessible Custom eLearning

With the growing requirement for accessibility compliant content, Integra is already there and can develop your custom content with full accessibility.

Case Study

Major Technology, And Financial Services

This client is a major technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services conglomerate, and has a team of more than 50000 professionals spread across the globe. They have a culture of constantly analysing the rapidly changing business environment and always equipping its employees with the required knowledge, skills and qualities.