Flash to HTML5: Make the Seamless Shift

Rapid authoring tools provide a quick and easy solution for many e-Learning requirements. However, they are incapable to fulfil the needs of more complex digital content. With Flash-based solutions being phased out, HTML based digital solutions are the answer to corporate training requirements that extend beyond the basic audio, video and standard interactivities.

Integra has been investing in R&D into HTML and related web-based technologies, helping several organizations convert their existing Flash-based content, including complex interactivities, into HTML based content, without loss of design or functionality. When it comes to responsive e-Learning, Integra leads the industry in the ability to develop highly complex interactivities in HTML, using CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS and React JS.

What Types of Training and Learning Requirement Justify the Need for Flash to HTML5?

HTML Widgets

Integra develops different types of HTML based Widgets that can be plugged in different places including eLearning courses and webpages. These widgets help users and learners access specific components of the corporate training modules, without having to access the entire content, enabling micro-learning, quick assessments and more.

Mobile Apps

Our HTML capabilities include mobile app development in HTML, which can be used to deliver digital content in the form of micro-learning, mobile-based assessment, game-based learning apps and more

HTML Simulations

HTML5 enables simulations, developed for browser-based use or device-based usage. With the use of powerful tools such as React JS and Angular JS in combination with 3D media assets, augmented reality and virtual reality technology, there are no limits to what can be created and experienced.

Flash to HTML5

The digital world is gradually moving away from Flash® based products to HTML. Consequently, many educational publishers have a requirement to convert their existing flash-based assets into HTML. Our digital services team have been providing Flash to HTML conversion for several publishers without losing the instructional value or functionality of the existing content.

HTML5 eLearning Development

We have several years of experience in developing eLearning courses using an HTML5 framework right from requirement analysis, course design, Storyboarding and courseware development, to ensure LMS compliant packaged eLearning Modules. HTML5 based eLearning can be developed as responsive, accessibility compliant, mobile-ready and cross-platform compatible content.



With security and discoverability being two critical areas of importance to our customers for online and digital content, we use several strategies to ensure that our HTML5 based service offerings have the best to offer.

Using React JS

At Integra, we use ReactJS to provide a smooth and realistic corporate training experience for the learner by ensuring that the browser’s layout engine is controlled by our ReactJS code.

Built-In Accessibility

Our HTML development process has a set of well-defined formats, structures and checklists for each component, to enable accessibility to be an integral part of the deliverable.


At Integra, we have worked on several different types of HTML requirements such that we have an indexed, cross-referenced library of templates that can be quickly adapted to a new requirement, ensuring cost-efficiency.


We design our HTML based content to be ready for a responsive framework. This ensures that our solutions can be made mobile friendly and responsive to different devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones.


Library of Templates

Integra’s library of HTML5 templates provides a quick and effective solution for a wide range of content for corporate training requirements.

Experienced Team

Integra’s experts have created more than 10,000 learning objects in HTML and have converted 9000+ learning objects from Flash to HTML.

Adaptive Learning

Integra has experience in developing both adaptive learning content and adaptive assessments for corporate training, using HTML.

Capabilities in Interactivities

Having worked with different industries, our mobile learning team comes with a vast ocean of knowledge and experience, enabling us to develop engaging mobile learning strategies of the highest quality.

Case Study

Leading Publisher In Australian Continent

This client is a leading publisher in the K-12 segment in the Australian continent. They deliver their content in various formats such as eLearning modules, animations, interactive activities and interactive whiteboard content and cartoon stories.