Game-Based Learning: Prompting Behavioural Changes in Learning

The concept of game-based learning is experiencing an undeniable boom as it provides defined learning outcomes while providing solving and self-learning skills to a great extent. Nowadays, gamified content includes numerous types of video games designed for target audiences, which are relevant and engaging.

At Integra, we develop advanced methods for learning. We incorporate various theories, technologies and techniques to develop the concept of game-based learning. Our services involve innovative ideas to grab the attention of learners and make them engaged in the process of self-knowledge based on the learner’s personality, capability and learning preferences.

What Types of Training and Learning Requirement Justify the Need for Game-Based Learning?

At Integra, we have the capability to create game-based learning modules and to convert an existing learning content into a game-based content. Game-based learning can be used to develop cognitive, affective and psycho-motor skills in different areas and across a wide spectrum of learners.

Experiential Learning

 Experiential learning enables the learner to perform or undergo experiences that are too expensive to replicate and risky. Such situations include certain types of chemical experiments, medical surgery, destructive experimentation etc. Integra has created experiential learning modules that allow learners to get a hands-on experience during the corporate training process, thereby ensuring positive and impactful results.

Marketing/Product Training

Product training involves scenario-based learning. For instance, the learner will be placed in a situation where they need to help their client to understand a product’s features and functionality. Integra has developed games for use in these areas, effectively modifying user behaviours into corporate learning.

Exploratory Learning

Exploratory learning can be used to make learners undergo experiences that are impossible to experience otherwise. With experience in envisaging, designing and developing games, Integra has been able to use a wide variety of tools such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and desktop games to provide a rich exploratory learning experience during the corporate training process.

Soft Skill Training

Integra has extensive capabilities in developing soft skill training as game-based modules. We extensively use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in developing soft skills training modules. Also, these modules can be used in soft skill learning applications in different ways.



Integra’s game-based learning strategy employs a typical game approach such as a highly explorative methodology/interactive applications to train learners. We enable the game-based approach by presenting content through several gaming strategies such as cause-effect, learning rewards, multiple iterations etc.

Immersive Technology Tools

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality are technologies that offer a wide scope in providing “game-based learning”. Integra makes use of these technologies to provide games that are engaging and immersive.

Machine Learning

Andragogy requires smart teaching tools and adult learners require interactive learning programs that replicate a real-world experience. Integra uses machine learning to provide responsive games for adult corporate training requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

When providing corporate training, many training professionals are focused on cognitive learning, which downplays the importance of affective learning. Integra uses artificial intelligence to provide a truly interactive learning experience that engages the mind into interaction.

Collaboration and Social Media

“Game-based learning” can be deployed on collaborative platforms or run off a server to enable multiple learners to engage simultaneously. Integra has been developing such collaborative tools that can be combined with social media during corporate training.

Instructional Design as a Strategy

“Game-based learning” does not always have to be an immersive experience. For those who prefer low budget “game-based learning”, it can be purely textual, while also being engaging, challenging and psychologically interactive.


Investments In Tech and People

Integra has nurtured its technology and instructional design teams to explore and experiment with the use of immersive technology, AI, ML and more.

Living The Game

With wide experience in creating complex multi-player interactivities, Integra is the go-to partner for your “game-based learning” needs.

Infrastructure And Experience

Integra has invested in infrastructure that provides its talented teams with the capability to build a wide variety of “game-based learning” for its customers.