Gamification: Better Learning Environment

Many confuse gamification with game-based learning. One sure-fire test of a learning technology provider’s capability is their ability to distinguish between gamification of learning and game-based learning. Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts, thus facilitating an immersive corporate training process.

A good strategy to continually engage a learner is provided by gamification of the content presented, where challenges and rewards are offered. Such challenges need to be of intrinsic value, where the learner is engaged in the content, without being distracted by the gamification elements. Integrating game elements with learning solutions help in boosting motivation and engagement quotient amongst employees.

What Types of Training and Learning Requirement Justify the Need for Gamification?

At Integra, we understand that gamification is a strategy that employs game principles to teach the content. Hence, we make sure that our gamified approach ensures that the challenge is realistic, is of interest to the client and the rewards are of value to the learner.

Developing Gamified Learning

While almost all eLearning content can be gamified, there are specific situations where gamification can contribute considerably to the learning process. At Integra, we design gamification for courses from the ground up, by synchronizing game elements with the existing content in your corporate training strategy.

Integrating Gamification

Do you have a boring eLearning course that has the potential to exponentially improve in value with the inclusion of gamification? Integra will evaluate your content and provide a gamification solution that can be integrated into your existing corporate eLearning program.

Platform-based Gamification

Want to maximize the use of your Learning Management System’s (LMS) gamification capabilities? Integra has the experience and expertise in integrating your eLearning content to your LMS’s gamification capabilities, thereby creating a powerful corporate training strategy and boosting employee productivity.

Accessible Gamification

When you need your gamified learning to be accessible, we can integrate accessibility for your gamified content, or develop new courseware with accessibility integrated into it.  Based on requirements, we create gamified corporate training modules that are accessible to one and all.

Gamified Assessment

If learning content can be gamified, why not assessments that evaluate the learner? Integra designs gamified assessments that put the learner’s focus on solving the assessment questions, rather than focusing on getting the minimum passing score.



Integra’s gamification strategy is moulded intrinsically with the content, where it still retains its value as a motivational tool yet is organically integrated with the content. Our approach may consist of one or more of these strategies.

Time Restraint

One of the easiest gamification strategies to implement is the time restraint approach. Whether it is a learning content or an assessment content, a fixed time to go through the same provides a basic element of gamification.

Cognitive Performance

Use of cognitive performance, the ability to acquire the learning as per the stated objectives and successfully complete recognition of the fact and using a scenario-based test can be a gamified approach to learning.


Explorative learning is a form of gamification that can be incorporated through the use of branched learning. A learner is given choices to make and based on his or her choices, the learning path organically navigates the learner through the required learning.


An engaging and psychologically immersive form of gamification is to provide a detection game, through which the learner digs up clues and learns on his or her own.


Providing obstacles to progression is a method of gamification that challenges learners to excel, bringing out the learning capability and extending their learning capacity.

Relative Performance In Various Areas (V/s. Self, V/s. Others)

When we add competition to learning, especially in the form of simple tasks, the content is gamified. The gamification provides rewards or points that can be accumulated to provide an incentive for learning.


Knowing The Difference

At Integra, we focus on simple, yet effective gamified learning instead of expensive game-based learning.

Knowing The Approach

At Integra, we understand the content and the learner profile before we integrate a suitable gamification approach with the content.

Knowing The Strategy

Our teams understand eLearning authoring tools and web technologies in order to fully extend their capabilities while implementing gamification.

Knowing The Platforms

At Integra, our technology teams have worked on several LMS platforms and standards such as SCORM, TinCan, AICC, etc, enabling us to provide platform-based gamification solutions.

Case Study

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

This client is a leading multi-business enterprise based in India with diversified business domains including Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Hotels, Paperboards & Specialty Papers, Packaging, Agri-Business and Information Technology.