Immersive Learning-XR: Paving the Path to Complete XR Adoption

Immersive learning focuses on simulating various scenarios during the corporate training process, thus engaging the learners and helping them understand and retain the content. However, immersive technology has a long way to go before being universally accepted.

There are many constraints; economical, technological, the ubiquitousness of acceptance and several other barriers. But as many experts envisage, the potential is tremendous and there are a lot of opportunities that are available, to take education and training to a whole new level using immersive technologies. Integra offers AR/VR/MR application development services for various learning and training applications including vocational training and corporate training.

What Types of Training and Learning Requirement Justify the Need for Immersive Learning?

Integra has invested in advanced technology, especially in the fields of AR, MR and VR. Our teams continually work with immersive technology devices in the areas of instructional design approaches, transforming learning course designs into immersive corporate training courseware. Our main service offerings in this area include the following

Augmented Reality (AR)

 Augmented Reality is a technology where the technology projects imagery or information to a device such as a smartphone. An example of AR-based learning in corporate training would be a mobile app that uses the camera to identify an object and provide information on it.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Unlike Augmented Reality, a learner who is using Virtual Reality is removed from the real world. This learning can be used when the environment is far removed from reality, such as going through the veins of a person, travelling to outer space etc.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed Reality is a mix of AR and VR and brings the virtual world to your environs. MR can bring virtual objects into your living space and enable you to interact with them. Imagine a medical student performing surgery in a real-world operating theatre but on a virtual person.



Integra’s strategies in being able to deliver training using immersive technology is based on its focus areas for research and development. At Integra, we have conducted extensive research on immersive technologies. Some of our strategies include.

Immersive Instructional/Learning Design

Immersive technologies offer several benefits including freedom of movement, input device technologies, sensory and haptic feedback. Our instructional design team incorporates all aspects of immersive technology and treats it as a holistic whole when designing the corporate training content.

Immersive Multimedia

At Integra, we have specialized multimedia teams, who design graphics, audio and video specifically for use in immersive environments. We ensure that while creating audio, graphics, video or multimedia, warp, distortion, Doppler effect in audio etc is adequately considered.

Immersive Technology

Integra has invested in immersive technology infrastructure and has been investing in building a skilled team. Our capable team is equipped to deliver high-end technology solutions for exotic cutting-edge immersive technology devices, at a budget.


There are several reasons why Integra is an ideal partner for your corporate training needs:

Our Belief in Immersive Technology

With belief, comes commitment, and with commitment, comes excellence. Integra’s management has invested in and continues to invest in immersive technology and related R&D.

Our Journey with Immersive Technology

Integra had started working with immersive technology-based learning long before other players had shown interest, giving us extensive experience in the field.

We have Actually Done it

Integra has delivered AR-based content to accompany academic textbooks & VR-based content to provide skill and psychomotor training. Now we are ready for the next challenge!