THE CHALLENGE (We Would Love To Face)

Creating interactivities using PowerPoint, ensuring the output is in HTML5 format

This client is the world’s largest educational publisher and a leader in all academic sectors, ranging from pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher education through to adult learning.

They approached Integra to create additional interactive practice material using MS PowerPoint to accompany primary school textbooks, such that the output was in HTML5.

The client shared the PDF version of the content, PowerPoint templates and guidelines for the course development. The various interactivities required were to be reproduced using the limited animation and interactivity features available in MS PowerPoint.

Our Strategy (Sure Shot, Never Miss)

Instructionally effective PowerPoint courseware that is eye-catching & engaging

Integra conducted discussions and brainstorming sessions to understand the required functionalities. The instructional designers analysed the given requirements and inputs provided in PDF, templates, images, audio files etc before creating eye-catching and smart interactivities using PowerPoint.

The PPTs ensured instructional effectiveness without losing the essence of the content and the functionality of the practice activity. The graphic designers split the source audio files based on the content and converted them to .WAV format to integrate them into the PPTs.

The instructional designers integrated and synchronised the audio to match the on-screen text and interactivities. Finally, the quality assurance engineers mapped the guidelines and standards as specified by the client.

Key Results (Beyond Your Expectations)

Marked improvement in English language skills

The interactive course provided by Integra helped the learners to understand the practice activities and try them on their desktops and devices.

Additionally, the training program improved the English language skills of the learners to a large extent.

Case Study Screenshots