Micro Learning: Bring in Bite-Sized Learning

Microlearning refers to brief, focused learning nuggets that are often of three to five minutes or shorter durations, intended to achieve particular results of teaching. It can be used for formal training, but frequently finds a broader use in informal training with an emphasis on profit in results.

It is a learner-centric approach, consisting of small bite-sized pieces of information, typically designed and delivered in rich media formats, providing just-in-time training that can be done on multiple devices ranging from tablets and smartphones to desktops and laptops. All these aspects make it easy for the learners to access, complete and apply them rapidly.

What Types of Training and Learning Requirement Justify the Need for Micro Learning?

Microlearning offers a holistic approach to eLearning by imparting training via small nuggets of information which are easy to absorb and retain. Integra provides a wide range of microlearning-based corporate training solutions.

Product Refresher Training

Does your customer have periodic product updates or new product releases? Do they need their sales teams to be updated on the product specifications? Integra creates product refresher training courses that can be taken on the go. These learning nuggets are easy to imbibe and facilitate first time learning as well as refresher training depending upon your requirement.

School Learning Supplements

Microlearning nuggets provide quick references for key information, concepts and knowledge. Integra has not only created such learning nuggets for school requirements, but we have also created micro-learning interactivities including flashcards that can be used as a teacher’s aide or a student’s learning aid.

Easy Learning

Several organizations and institutions have corporate training modules that can extend over several hours. However, the time available for their employees to undertake the training programs is limited. One solution is to break up the modules into a series of small learning nuggets. Integra has experience in designing such learning nuggets from courses of long durations.

Widget Learning

Microlearning can also be incorporated as widgets in learning apps. Widgets consisting of tiny pieces of information can effectively impart learning which is easy to understand and retain. We have created several such widget-based microlearning units that provide a specific selection of the overall training.

Mobile and Desktop Hybrid Training

Creating corporate training programs for both mobile and desktop can be a challenge. Generally, courses meant for both mobile and desktops do not play out well in one of the two mediums. Integra’s solution is to develop microlearning for the content, which is designed to be modular and then stitched seamlessly for the desktop.



Our microlearning courseware is designed to be in sync with your training goals while enhancing learning. How does Integra create effective microlearning that meets our customers’ needs and expectations? What are our strategies?

Content Chunking

At Integra, when we analyse a volume of content to create microlearning material, we ensure that the micro-content is logical and as much as possible, a standalone unit and does not require references to other material.

Complementary Multimedia

A small piece of content can be made vastly more understandable with the right multimedia elements. We ensure that the graphics, animation and audio succinctly and comprehensively explain the content.

Micro Interactions

Microlearning and learning nuggets can also be in the form of quick interactivities. At Integra, we strategize content in interactivities to provide learning in themselves, ensuring a quick corporate training experience.

Micro Templates

As microlearning delivers quick and effective training, the development of learning nuggets should also be quick. At Integra, we have developed micro templates that can be used to quickly create microlearning and learning nuggets for corporate training programs.


Integra has been delivering microlearning and learning nuggets for its customers and partners and has extensive experience in developing quick learning solutions. Some of our strengths include:

Creatively Strong Graphics and Animation

Our graphic design and animation team are capable of complementing our strong instructional design team with engaging graphics, which quickly tell the story.

Strong Instructional Design

Our instructional design team has the capability of designing each microlearning module to implement an instructional strategy to the fullest extent.

Gen Z Philosophy

Microlearning is a development of gen Z and millennials, and hence when we design these modules, we embrace the gen Z philosophy that less is more, without compromising on the language.