Mobile Learning: Create a Flexible Learning Path

Mobile learning is a new and effective way of engaging digital natives by catering to the change in their reading/viewing behaviour that has resulted in shorter attention spans. At Integra, our mobile learning or mLearning courses have been created using both adaptive and responsive solutions. Our mLearning solutions are not just scaled-down versions of online e-Learning courses but are designed to be effective pedagogically, within the restrictions of the smaller screen size.

Integra’s mobile learning courseware is designed to be of simple layout and short durations, to enable seamless viewing, which maximizes learning. We include simple graphics that employ minimalistic ‘almost flat’ graphics that are easily visible and accentuate the entire corporate learning process.

What Types of Training and Learning Requirement Justify the Need for Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning imparts corporate training via mobile phones and through internet connectivity which can be accessed on the go, its unique characteristics provide opportunities to deploy these solutions where they provide the maximum learning in a very cost-efficient manner.

Collaborative Learning

mLearning provides social connectivity within a closed network of participants in such a way that cannot be provided by basic e-Learning tools with the same level of connectivity and availability of the participants, facilitating effective group training. It provides a collaborative and synchronous learning environment for specialized learning needs.

Product Refresher

Have a product upgrade that needs to be quickly incorporated or a Just-In-Time sales look-up module that has search capabilities? mLearning modules can be quickly upgraded based on the requirements. With a highly competitive marketplace, companies are rapidly coming up with advanced products and services. As a result, companies have to continuously provide product refresher training to their employees.

Language Training

Language training is pedagogically different from other forms of learning, as here the learning process has to be experienced by the learner. Mobile learning is a great option for companies wanting to provide language training to their employees to enhance their communicative competencies in a cost-efficient manner. This is mainly because learners can access the learning material anytime and anywhere.

Hands-On Training

Using hands-on training in the corporate training process helps in providing a real-world experience, facilitating more effective learning. Required skills can be provided to employees with the help of mobile learning. For example, an automobile company can use a mobile learning app to scan an actual car’s engine and provide a description of the car parts. This ensures that learners get a relatable learning experience.



mLearning provides a unique set of capabilities that represent a paradigm shift from desktop learning. It easily overcomes the barriers related to desktop learning and is as different from desktop learning as a surgeon’s scalpel is from a kitchen knife. The following strategies, when deployed, can maximize learning outcomes.

Game-Based Apps

mLearning is the best platform to develop game-based learning modules. Game-based mLearning provides the advantage of a closed and immersive environment, increasing the level of learning at logarithmically rising rates.

Social Networking Tools

Combining social networking tools with mobile learning helps learners get wider access to extensive information. At Integra, we use social networking-based learning strategies to promote collaborative learning, interactions, discussions and assessments amongst employees.

Smartphone Native Tools

At Integra, we employ various mobile-centric tools to provide image recognition, pattern recognition, spatial distance estimation, etc. These tools help us in creating a highly interactive and user-responsive mobile learning strategy for your employees.

Microlearning Strategies

Microlearning bits are especially useful in the case of mobile learning due to the restricted screen size of mobile devices which require scalable content. At Integra, we create the entire mobile learning courseware by assembling different microlearning bits of bite-sized information.


Research & Development

We have invested heavily in research & development in terms of time and resources to develop mobile learning strategies that are customizable according to your strategic goals.

Latest Infrastructure

As technology keeps changing, so does our development and testing platforms. We ensure that our learning solutions are based on the latest infrastructure and technologies available in the market.


Our mLearning modules have been designed to push smartphone capabilities and to maximize the available technology, both of which require extensive imagination.


Integra designs its mLearning courses in a modular structure, using the principles of informative microlearning units, which helps learners retain concepts easily.


Having worked with different industries, our mobile learning team comes with a vast ocean of knowledge and experience, enabling us to develop engaging mobile learning strategies of the highest quality.


Our solutions-based approach ensures that our mobile learning services are a perfect fit in your corporate training strategy, resulting in outcomes that can be measured in terms of both individual and business improvements.