Rapid Authoring: Saving your Time and Cost

In many training and learning development situations, the development process takes more time, efforts and money than what is put into the design, planning and implementation of the course.

Rapid Authoring Tools provide us with the capability to focus on the instructional design, create corporate training courses that engage and motivate your employees and spend minimal efforts in developing the same, either as a standalone e-Learning authoring tool or to convert existing presentations and documents into e-Learning courses. These tools help us in creating interactive e-Learning scenarios and multimedia presentations that generate impactful results.

What Types of Training and Learning Requirement Justify the Need for “Rapid Authoring?”

Rapid Authoring Tools deliver more than just e-Learning courseware. They are powerful tools that can generate videos, HTML pages, animations, SCORM packages and much more. At Integra, we provide the following rapid authoring services, aimed at boosting employee engagement and productivity.

eLearning Courses

Integra develops full-fledged courses using Rapid Authoring Tools for our customers. Our rapid learning courses can be effectively synchronised with your corporate training needs to provide impactful learning. The choice of Rapid Authoring may be based on several factors including lower costs, ease of making updates and changes and consistency with existing courses.

Standalone Animations

Rapid Authoring Tools are more than just tools for developing eLearning. Integra can create low-cost animations using Rapid Authoring Tools that provide attractive visuals with synched audios. These standalone animations are engaging and immersive, ensuring that your learners effectively understand and retain the content.

Assessments and Surveys

Does the client require a standalone assessment or survey that can be used to evaluate learners or obtain feedback? Integra develops assessments that employ standard quiz formats such as MCSA (Multiple Choice Single Answer), MCMA (Multiple Choice Multiple Answers), True or False, Sequencing, match the following, Essays etc.

Adaptive Content for Different Devices

Does a client have an existing course or wants a course that can be viewed on different devices? Integra can develop or update the course for different devices, using Rapid Authoring tools at a low cost.

Adaptive Learning Development

Rapid Authoring tools provide an excellent medium to develop engaging and adaptive learning courseware and branching courses. Integra has a very skilled and experienced team who can make maximum use of the branching capabilities available in these tools to develop fluid adaptive learning for your corporate training needs.

SCORM and Other Packaging

Have courseware that needs to be packaged for your LMS? Rapid Authoring has the capability to automatically package content for different types of SCORM, for the Web or for delivery on an Optical Device (CD, DVD etc.).

Podcasts and Vodcasts

Integra uses Text to Speech capabilities of Rapid Authoring Tools to develop low-cost podcasts and vodcasts. While the audio is machine-generated and without much natural inflexion, they provide a low-cost alternative to the more expensive human audio recorded by voice artists in a studio.



Rapid Authoring Tools are simple and effective tools that are very easy to use and offer plenty of opportunities to bring out an eLearning courseware that delivers. What are the strategies that we use to achieve the maximum out of Rapid Authoring tools?

Design the Tool

Our instructional designers use Rapid Authoring tools to create storyboards for corporate training. The developer provides the animations and generates the audio within the tool using the audio transcript.

In-Built Review

When our development is completed, we generate a review link that can be used by the reviewers. This not only provides a quickly referenced review capability but also a track of changes requested.


Integra, a strong leader in accessibility uses the in-built accessibility capabilities of Rapid Authoring tools to deliver accessible content, as per accessibility compliance requriements.


Many Rapid Authoring tools offer collaboration between team members. Integra uses this to deliver with fast turn-around times by having several developers working in parallel to complete the development of the courses.



Experience buys the best know-how, and Integra’s rapid authoring development team has vast experience in creating content using Rapid Authoring tools.

All the Tools and all the Men

Integra has the latest versions of Rapid Authoring Tools and the people with the experience required to use them effectively in developing content.

Programming Capability

Our team has the capability to develop corporate training courses using rapid authoring tools and programmatically extend the capabilities of the tool.


Integra’s team has the capability to add to the existing UI/UX, customizing it with the colours and button styles that you prefer.

Case Study

Leading Corporate Conglomerate

Simple, engaging & scalable training program to raise awareness about workplace harassment