THE CHALLENGE (We Would Love To Face)

Scenario & analogy-based e-Learning course for a specific segment of tyres

Our client is a leading tyre manufacturer and a renowned brand in the tyre industry for more than a century. They wanted Integra to develop an e-Learning course for a specific segment of tyres.

 There requirement was that their learners should be engaged and motivated with the e-Learning course despite the vague conversation about the tyres and their specification. This could be achieved by using scenarios and analogies to make the content more interesting.

The major challenge was that the client’s source content was towards tyre specification and the advantages of their tyres over their competitors and they required the scenarios and analogies to be aligned with the source content. They needed 6 modules to be developed for one course.

Our Strategy (Sure Shot, Never Miss)

Scenario-based courseware using Articulate, an eLearning authoring tool

For this client, Integra came up with a strategy that is globally trusted. Integra collaborated with the Subject Matter Expertise of the client and analysed the key content that needs to be converted into courseware. High level and low-level documents were prepared and shared with the client.

On approval, we initiated the development of storyboards by creating scenarios that aligned with the client’s content. Once the storyboards were approved by Michelin, the development of the course was initiated using Articulate, an eLearning authoring tool.

Alpha and beta versions were reviewed, and the end gold version was delivered to the client. The course that we created is SCORM compliant and serves as a tool for learning by Sales Account Managers.

Key Results (Beyond Your Expectations)

Scenario-based training that simplifies complex content

The scenario-based eLearning courseware created using Authoring tools was developed considering all the requirements of the client and delivered on schedule.

The eLearning content simplified the complex and technical content source content related to tyres and their specification, thus helping learners to engage more.

Additionally, the use of simple and day-to-day scenarios in explaining the training content helped the learners to understand and retain the content better.

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