Video-Based Learning: Creating a Learner-Centric Approach

Training videos have been around for a long time. However, in recent times, there has been an upward spike in the demand for video-based learning. With advances in technology and the widespread availability of video cameras and storage capabilities, everyone has the potential to create a video.

Video-based learning blends traditional learning courseware with advanced technology and electronic training resources to create a comprehensive corporate training strategy which is pedagogically engaging and effective. Training videos can be made with live actors or animated characters and can be 2D, 3D or interactive, depending upon the training and development needs. In recent times, videos include subtitles and alt text to facilitate accessibility.

What Types of Training and Learning Requirement Justify the Need for Video Based Learning?

Videos provide engagement and motivation for learners to quickly understand and follow concepts and activities. Here are some of the services that we offer in the video-based learning development areas:

Live-Action Videos

Integra has the capability to produce live-action videos using live actors at both onsite locations as well as our state-of-the-art studio settings. We have partnered with professional crews and provide full-cycle video services including pre-production, development, principle photography and post-production.

Lightboard Videos

Lightboard videos feature an expert speaker who presents content, writing on a transparent surface, while facing the camera. These videos involve specialized studio equipment and post-production capabilities. Integra has the capability and the infrastructure to produce excellent Lightboard videos for training and teaching purposes.

Interactive Videos

Is there a requirement to create assessments that are based on video inputs? Integra has created such interactive videos, where the learner can watch the video and answer questions on the same page. Using interactive videos can provide a hands-on, real-world experience which facilitates enhanced learning during the corporate training process.

Videos with Chroma Key

Chroma key is a process by which actors are first shot against a specific coloured background, which is then replaced by a different background of a particular location. Integra has the infrastructure and the post-production capabilities to produce dazzling videos using chroma key, which can provide your learners with a real-life learning experience.

Hands-On Training

Using hands-on training in the corporate training process helps in providing a real-world experience, facilitating more effective learning. Required skills can be provided to employees with the help of mobile learning. For example, an automobile company can use a mobile learning app to scan an actual car’s engine and provide a description of the car parts. This ensures that learners get a relatable learning experience.

Motion Graphics, Whiteboard Animations and Animated Videos

Integra produces animated 2D, 2.5D and 3D videos with a wide array of software and techniques, with professional voice over. Integra has the capability to produce motion graphics, whiteboard animations, animated videos and more, which are of high quality and have quick turnaround times.

Transcription and Sub-Titling

At Integra, we offer transcription services which include verbatim transcription, edited transcription and intelligent transcription. These transcription services vary as per the required accuracy and coverage of the video content of the corporate training strategy. We also provide sub-titling services including hardcoded subtitles (Hardsubs), pre-rendered subs or soft subs.



Though producing videos has become a relatively quick, easy, and economical process, producing high-quality videos for training and learning purposes requires extensive experience, capability, infrastructure and equipment. At Integra, we deploy the following strategies which can efficiently cut down on costs while producing premium video content

Cinematic Production Quality

At Integra, our experts come with extensive experience in cinematic production techniques. Our premium video content has a creative and emotional appeal, critical for learner engagement and understanding.

High-End Equipment

Integra has invested in high-end equipment that is required for editing, post-production and rendering processes. The final output rendered by such equipment is high definition and without compromise.

Global Video Production Partners

Integra has empanelled video production professionals around the world. Whether it be a cinematographer, a location scout, casting agent, or legal experts for permissions and rights, we have them all.


Global Capability

At Integra, our vast resources and networks provide us with the capability to develop and deliver videos anywhere in the world, in any language.

All In One Shop

At Integra, we provide a complete suite of video production services that include different related offerings.


Our video production processes, co-ordinated by our experienced project managers, guarantee economy in both time and money without compromising on quality.


With an experienced team and advanced equipment, Integra provides high-quality and engaging video content.

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