Cutting-edge digital content and solutions across devices and platforms

The digital content and services ecosystem comprises of six major categories: Entertainment, Education & Information, Utilities, Business Services, Sharing Platforms, and Communications. Digital media experiences are changing every day and even before one knows it, the change is staring at us and asking us to prepare for it. As a matter of fact, given the way the digital ecosystem has grown, there is now a huge demand for digital content.

With regular updates of local and relevant digital content, subscribers come back for more content. As more and more companies are getting into production, procurement, publishing, and management of digital content, they face multiple challenges of coping with this new and always connected digital world due to evolving technologies and changing consumer preferences. Getting digital content to market has a series of requirements and success depends on both the quality and timeliness of that content, as well as management and upgrades over time to suit different platforms and devices.

Education and Publishing

Innovations in telecommunications, multi-fold increase in computing power, and access to an ever-expanding digital universe has created a consumer-driven demand for digital experiences across various fields.

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Corporate and Enterprise Learning

To remain competitive in their respective market, every business across all industry verticals aspires to have the best talent who come with the right skills, and can swiftly acquire newer skills as

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Solutions Portfolio

Integra has delivered innovative content in digital formats for over 20 years to customers across industry segments such as eLearning, Publishing, and Education. From making your content readily available across platforms to handling all design requirements, Integra offers end-to-end content transformation solutions such as HTML5 services, AR/VR, video, App development that make your content accessible and visually appealing.

Our digital technology experts are adept at using specialized digital technologies required to develop these solutions and our processes help manage the content transformation in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Digital Content Development
Reality technology solutions
Integra Solutions Portfolio - HTML5 Development
Integra Solutions Portfolio - Audio/Video Services
Integra Solutions Portfolio - Graphic Design & Animations Services
Integra Solutions Portfolio - UX & UI Development Services
Integra Solutions Portfolio - Apps Development Services
Integra Solutions Portfolio - Digital QA & Testing Services

The Integra Advantage

The Integra Advantage - Experience


7+ years in delivering digital content solutions. Over a decade of experience in delivering to many of the top 20 global educational publishers.

The Integra Advantage - Digital Expertise

Digital Expertise

50+ strong highly capable, competent and specialized team. Experitise in AR/VR, Audio, Video, HTML5, Animation, UI/UX, Accessibility.


Multi-lingual capablity

Translation and localization across 37 languages including French, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

Digital Content Development Expertise

Developed 175 modules of eLearning content for K-12 segment.


Emerging Content Technologies

In-house capabilities in delivering content in AR/VR/MR

The Integra Advantage - Cutting-edge Development Technologies

Cutting-edge Development Technologies

Expertise in latest development technologies

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Digital content development

Delivering impactful digital learning content, tailor-made to meet specific audience needs across varied domains – Publishing, Education, and Enterprise Learning.

Digital content development
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HTML5 Development

Delivering top-notch HTML5 solutions through a combination of expertise and advanced technology for global publishers, educational institutes and corporates.

HTML5 solutions
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Graphic Design and animations

With a combination of animation ingenuity, process, and people, transforming ideas into enthralling illustrations, graphics,

Graphic design and animation solutions
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Comprehensive project management platform for publishers to have control and visibility of the production

Integra - iPMP Integra - iPMP Integra - iPMP Integra - iPMP
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iCorrect Proof

NLP-powered on-the-cloud proofing and author correction system with an XML-engine to reduce publication time

iAuthor - Powered by Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence iAuthor - Powered by Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence Integra - iPMP iAuthor - Powered by Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence
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A cloud-based solution to effectively onboard, collaborate, manage and work with a global talent of demand

iLancer - Freelance Management Tool iLancer - Freelance Management Tool iLancer - Freelance Management Tool iLancer - Freelance Management Tool iLancer - Freelance Management Tool
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A cloud-based solution to streamline text permissions, photo research, and media rights acquisition workflows

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