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The growth of media consumption has been tremendous over the years, so much so that majority of the traffic on the internet or social channels is now audio/video- based content. The multiplying increase of in audio and video is manifest in every segment of society, be it for business, entertainment, education, and or more.

Educational institutions and corporates globally are using videos as part of their learning initiatives. Audio/Video, as part of digital learning modules, are delivered on learning platforms, intranet, YouTube, and on Apps, engaging learners and helping retain information better. Complex topics can be explained better through videos because they simplify the explanation by visually showing how something works, and are better understood.

The ever-changing tech landscape necessitates media content producers to always keep up with new technologies and formats, channels, devices, and Apps on which they need to serve content where their consumers access them. Doesn’t a better media experience lead to better engagement!


Integra provides comprehensive media development through audio and video services, with an in-house dedicated studio for audio and video production and state-of-the-art hardware and software to produce the best output.

Our Audio/Video team has multiple years’ experience in working on a wide range of industry needs in incorporating media assets for various learning and marketing applications:

Experience across industry segmentsMedia applications
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Publishing
  • Media
  • IT
  • Banking
  • L&D
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Interactive videos as learning nuggets
  • Corporate videos
  • Training / Instructional videos
  • Advertising
  • Audio-Video localization

For customers looking for audio-video as a core service, we offer the following services:

Audio ServicesVideo Services
  • Audio Editing and Sync/Mixing
  • Audio Conversion
  • Audio Recording/Dubbing
  • Audio Books
  • Audio Localization Services
  • Audio Transcription services
  • Pre-production, Production and
  • Visual Effects
  • Video Production/Shooting
  • Compositing and Motion Graphics
  • Video Compression/Optimization
    and Conversion
  • Subtitling and DVD authoring

The Integra Advantage

The Integra Advantage - Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Expertise in high-end tech tools like FCP X, Nuke, AVID, and Logic Pro.

The Integra Advantage - Graphic Videos

Graphic Videos

More than 250 hours of motion graphic videos.

The Integra Advantage - Training Videos

Training Videos

More than 100 hours of training videos.

The Integra Advantage - Presentation videos

Presentation videos

More than 100 hours of presenter-based videos.

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