Setting the Benchmark for your eLearning Courseware, LMS, and Apps

As digital content proliferates, so does the challenge of quality assurance to validate the content. Delivering digital content successfully through LMS systems, apps or other digital channels the producer of content to ensure good UX, seamless integration across platforms, compatibility across devices, and performance. Producers of content must sort these problems quickly or risk being left behind.

In most organizations, training is a time-bound critical activity to upgrade employee skills or knowledge and make them future-ready using digital learning.  But can a course be used to train students or employees without the requisite QA? A wrong content or a faulty app can cause confusion or disruption. The main reason people delete apps is that they’re slow freeze or crash. On an average, only 16% users reinstall any app. Having the right quality checks and testing at each stage of developing the courseware, LMS or Learning App ensure students or employees get the best out of learning.


Integra is a leading provider of digital QA and testing services that help improve your digital content or apps. We offer a range of testing services to test functionality and usability, and to ensure that your content meets the standards for inclusive content, we offer accessibility testing as well.

Our Content Test Engineers (CTEs) sit by you to understand your need and help you every step of the way.  They follow global best practices during the entire process of QA and Testing, and create a Configuration Management Plan (CMP), and identify the features that need to be tested on required target environments.

Our QA and Testing services across the Publishing, eLearning, and Software industries are:

What do we test?                                            What digital QA & and testing services do we offer?
  • K-12 eLearning courses
  • ELT eLearning courses
  • Video/Audio learning courses
  • HTML5 content
  • Game-based learning modules
  • Assessments/simulations/interactivities
  • Learning widgets
  • eBook interactivities
  • Mobile learning apps
  • Localization
  • Digital content review
  • Content validation for onscreen text, graphics
  • Accessibility testing
  • Functional testing for LMS platforms
  • Graphic user interface (GUI) testing
  • Functionality and regression testing
  • Usability testing
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser testing

The Integra Advantage

The Integra Advantage - Experience


8+ years of experience in Digital QA & Testing for clients across Publishing, eLearning, and Software industries

The Integra Advantage - Skilled Team

Skilled team

Skilled and expert QA team with an average experience of about 5+ years.

The Integra Advantage - Bug tracking

Bug tracking

Employs bug tracking tools like Bugzilla and JIRA.

The Integra Advantage - Content accuracy

Content accuracy

Committed team of Content Test Engineers (CTE) to verify and ensure content accuracy.

The Integra Advantage - Cross-platform Applications

Cross-platform testing

Testing performed on different OS (Windows, Mac, and Android) across different browsers

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