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Adding visual delight to your digital content

In a world of digital content, graphic design is key to successful visual communication. To create exceptional designs, a designer uses different visual arts, typography skills, images and layout techniques to both captivate and communicate clearly. As we move into an era of increased digital content consumption and decreasing attention spans, visual design adds character and expression to content which would otherwise lose the reader’s attention quickly. Graphic design and animation facilitate assimilation of content more quickly than ever.

With the emergence of disruptive technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality, the effects of Graphic Design and 2D and 3D Animation only gets elevated. Design and Animation are poised to gain a lot of attention and will become a critical success factor for developing impactful content and a core component for content experience design. A well-designed content experience will captivate, engage and immerse a user, and in a learning context will drive better learnability.


Integra’s graphic design and animation services team, staffed with exceptionally talented and creative people, provides businesses and publishers with top-notch services that’s don’t just please to the eye but also communicate your message. Our designers take pride in relating to our customer’s creative requirements, transforming ideas into enthralling illustrations, graphics, and animations, for use particularly in the Education / eLearning and Publishing industries.

Graphic design and illustrations

  • 2D Illustrations – Drawings/Design
  • Realistic Artworks for Print & Digital
  • 3D Artworks for Print & Digital
  • Developing Info-graphics

2D & 3D animations

  • 2D & 3D Animations
  • 2D & 3D Simulations
  • Character & Scenario Based Animations
  • SPRITE Animations
  • Whiteboard Animations

The Integra Advantage


Rich experience in illustrations, 2D animations, 3D animation, etc.

Process Conformation

Stringent conformance to set of processes without compromising on quality.


Our seasoned designers have developed products for Pre-K through higher education, vocational and professional markets.

Latest technologies

Experience in assessing products and excellent negotiation skills with copyright holders for maximum cost benefits.



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