Immersive digital experiences with AR/VR and MR for magical eLearning

Augmented Reality (AR) /Virtual Reality (VR)/ Mixed Reality (MR) technology has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years. Its ability to provide immersive and enthralling experiences has enhanced its popularity manifold. Computer graphics, the use of virtual objects of real-world images, virtual interactions across geographies, the interaction of simulated objects as real-life objects are some of its most vibrant utilities, that have drawn consumers to it.

AR/VR/MR technologies have immense potential to transform learning experiences across different learning stages – from school to higher education, to continuing education. Adoption of techniques like game-based learning and simulations will be game changers in how learning content is delivered and experienced. These technologies are already finding many useful and impactful applications in industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing, etc.

Having caught the imagination of consumers, there is a compelling reason for all far-sighted organizations, looking for innovative ways to grow and outshine the competition, to adopt these technologies. Being futuristic, these technologies are expected to evolve further with time and find widespread adoption across industries.


Integra offers a wide range of Augmented reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR) and Mixed reality (MR) services. Our experts in this field have been helping our customers in immersive content development expertise across industries, devices, and platforms.

Education and publishing solutions


Integra has been working with K-12 and HigherEd publishers in transforming their content into AR/VR experiences. We develop experiences that facilitate:

  • Interactive and Engaging
  • Learning
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Medical & Engineering Simulation Learning
  • Activation of AR (QR codes) for printed materials like textbooks, journals etc.
Corporate and enterprise learning solutions

Training and Corporate L&D

  • Designing and developing fully accessible digital eLearning products
  • Accessibility testing & implementation
  • Providing remediation
  • Implementing video accessibility
  • ALT text writing
  • AR/VR/360 degree video accessibility

The Integra Advantage

Integra's Advantage - Experienced Team


3+ years of experiece in MR and VR , and 2+ years in MR services.

The Integra Advantage - Solutions


Many solutions created for Education, eLearning, product prototypes and demos.

The Integra Advantage - Multi HMDs supported

Multi HMDs supported

Our solutions work on multiple HMDs like MS HoloLens, Google Cardboard etc.

The Integra Advantage - Training expertise

Training expertise

Domain-specific training programs facilitate better retention and success in learning outcomes.


Integra employs cutting-edge tools and technologies to develop prototypes and apps in AR/VR/MR.

We follow a suite of stringent processes in ensuring quality by adopting various quality checks like Functional/System Testing, SME Review, User Acceptance Testing, Platform/Compatibility Testing and Accessibility Testing.

Target Device
  • Maya
  • 3Ds Max
  • Unity 3D
  • JavaScript, C#, Python
  • Native & Hybrid
    App Development
  • MS HoloLens (AR)
  • Oculus Rift (AR)
  • iPad (AR)
  • Google Cardboard (VR)
  • Play Station (VR)
  • Samsung Gear (VR)
  • 360 degree Camera (VR)


Diesel Engine
Augment Reality App

Physics Lab Simulation – Oculus

Extinct Animals –
VR prototypes for school students

For more samples, write to us to

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